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"To meet the growing domestic need for qualified human resources in computer technology."


Established in 2009, the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the newest faculties at Mahidol University. It originates from the department of Computer Science under the Faculty of Science and the Computing Center, who had worked together since 1988 on the development of administrative infrastructure and software systems as well as conducting research into computing at Mahidol University. Recognizing the significance of information and communication technology development in Thailand, Mahidol University established the ICT Faculty.

The field of information and communication technology has grown to encompass many aspects of computing technologies, and it now covers many emerging technologies such as grid computing, cloud computing, social networking, embedded systems, software engineering, healthcare computing, and intelligent systems. Today, the demand for ICT professionals is greater than ever, and they are required to have both a background in theoretical concepts and practical experience. Therefore, the main mission of the Faculty of ICT is to produce computer scientists and ICT professionals who are of a high research and development caliber.

The strategic goals of the Faculty’s academic programs are to achieve excellence in both teaching and research in the disciplines of ICT. Hence, providing high-quality academic standards is one of the Faculty’s greatest priorities. The Faculty’s academic focus is on the integration of ICT with the needs of society in order to help improve the quality of life. Thus, the Faculty offers both undergraduate and graduate international programs in ICT and Computer Science, each of which uses English as communication medium and conforms to the national and international guidelines and frameworks concerning the development of computing curricula.

Since 2003, the ICT undergraduate program has been recognized as an exceptional international program that produces highly qualified graduates in the areas of computer and ICT technology. Graduates are expected to be highly competitive at the international level in both technical knowledge and practice, as well as in English proficiency. Students of the Faculty also receive numerous awards in prominent national and international competitions. In addition, faculty members also publish in top national and international conferences and journals.

The Faculty aims to give its students the best academic support available. In this regard, it provides them with access to state-of-the-art IT and educational facilities in addition to the excellent university facilities. Each classroom has high-speed access to the Internet and a number of servers are provided for project work. In addition, all students have access to up-to-date computer hardware and software.

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