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The strategic goals of the programs under the Faculty of ICT are to achieve excellence in both teaching and research in the disciplines of information and communication technology. Hence, the academic quality is our highest priority. The program aims to embrace an intellectual community of scholars and students that excel in learning and conducting world-class research focused on the integration of information and communication technology. The Faculty offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in ICT and Computer Science, each of which conforms to the ACM and IEEE curriculum standards.


1. To produce ICT professionals who have the deep understanding and the best knowledge in information and communication technology. They will have the ability to put information technology to work—in business, in government, in education, and in other key sectors of our society.

2. To provide the ICT graduates an environment for an international education that will push them to build their oral presentation as well as reading and writing skills. These skills will make them ready for the global economy.

3. To educate the ICT graduates using real-world problems; hence, to engage them in the realities of deploying information technology in the workplace.


Bachelor of Science in ICT

Since 2003, the ICT undergraduate program has been credited as an exceptional international program that aims to produce highly qualified graduates in the areas of computer, information and communication technology. ICT students of the program receive fundamental and technical knowledge as well as communication and teamwork skills that are vital for the development of their careers. Graduates are also expected to be highly competitive at the international level, not only with their technical expertise, but with their English proficiency as well. Currently, the ICT program has four major areas: Databases and Intelligent Systems, E-Business Systems, Multimedia Systems, and Computer Science (focused on Computer Network and Communication). As computer technology is rapidly evolving, we plan to make more majors available such as software engineering.


Master of Science in ICT

The Master’s degree in Computer Science has been conducted in Thai since 1994. In 2008, the program shifted to an international program. The program is intended for students who wish to broaden and deepen their understanding of computer science. In addition, the program provides career opportunities in multiple industries as well as research opportunities in developing in-depth knowledge of specific disciplines including software development, intelligent systems, computer graphics, database design and network modeling.


PhD in ICT

The Faculty of ICT has offered a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science as an international program since 2001. The program is suitable for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching or research. During the program, students will have an opportunity to conduct research under faculty supervision, which follows the philosophy that students learn best by doing and working with their faculty advisors on scholarly research projects. Our Ph.D. program aims to produce knowledgeable researchers with the ability to conduct both basic research and applied research in the areas of computing, in particular in the areas of Information and Database Technology, Networking and Data Communications, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

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