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M.Sc. Course Descriptions

Required Courses

ITCS 511 Information Systems Development 3(3-0-6)
Contents: General concepts in developing information systems that effectively meet the current needs of an organization. The development process includes feasibility studies, requirements collection, specification and analysis, design and implementation. Evaluation and maintenance. Screen and report design. Input and control procedures. Use of modern software development tools. Ethics in system development. Research in principles of system development proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 513 Project Management 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Definition, planning, staffing, implementation, control and evaluation of a project. Choices of process models. Projects scheduling and milestones. Development team organizations. Quality assurance teams. Resource allocation. Scheduling presentations and tools. Project documents. Management of computer-based projects. Computerized techniques and software used for project management. Ethics in project management. Research in project management methodologies proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 514 Decision Support and Expert Systems 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Analysis, design, construction and use of decision support systems (DSS). Methodology for integrating quantitative and expert knowledge with the computer for improving decision-making processes. Construct computer-based decision models using expert systems techniques. Integrating databases, DSS models and business analysis. Research in decision support and expert systems proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 621 Database design and Administration 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Database design serves as a unifying mechanism for the diverse fields of relational theory, data semantics, database management software, and physical design. Database design and administration at the peak load of database transactions. Database design emphasized on efficiency and high security. Research in database design proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 631 Computer Communications and Networks 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Distributed systems motivations, applications, and organization. The network components. Network architectures. Local area and wide area networks, technologies and topologies. Data link, network, and transport protocols. Point-to-point and broadcast networks. Routing and congestion control. Higher-level protocols. Naming, internetworking. Research in computer communications and networks proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 633 Computer Network Design and Management 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Theory and practice of computer networks emphasizing on the design, implementation, analysis and evaluation of large-scale network systems. Internetworking, unicast and multicast routing, quality of services, mobile networking, router architecture, network-aware applications, content dissemination systems, network security and performance issues. Ethics in network design. Research in computer network design and management proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 656 Computer and Communication Security 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Security systems, encryption, cryptanalysis, data encryption standard. Cryptographic techniques and protocols in communication. Application of cryptography regarding management. Public key systems, digital signatures, file security systems. Penetration of database systems. Ethics in the design of computer and communication security. Research in computer and communication security proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 661 Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Concepts and techniques of advanced research in artificial intelligence. Modern machine learning techniques including knowledge discovery, AI models, neural networks, evolutionary computation, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, intelligent agents, and business intelligence. Research in artificial intelligence proposed in academic research papers and articles. Research ethics in artificial intelligence.

ITCS 696 Seminar in Computer Science 1(0-2-1)
Contents: Research topics in computer science. Improvement of research ideas. New thought of research ideas. Computer ethics and responsibilities on society. Research and summary of research work in the field of computer science proposed in academic research papers and articles.


Elective Courses

ITCS 509 Writing Skills for Thesis Work 2(2-0-4)
Contents: Development of practical thesis-writing skills in computer science. Emphasis is on the use of a linear format to outline, organize and report target messages. Practical experience will be focused in the drafting, writing thesis proposals and contents such as the statement of the issue/problem, the background of the study, the hypotheses or research objectives, the methodology, data collection and procedure, data analysis and discussion, and conclusion and recommendations or implications based on the findings obtained in the study. Ethics in writing a research publication. Problems of plagiarism.

ITCS 512 Management Information Systems 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Concepts in the administration of information system functions in organizations, enhancement of management with computers; management system development: planning and budgeting, analysis, design, implementation and operation of computer-based systems; measurement of operating performance. Ethics in management information systems. Research in management information systems proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 515 Information Resource Management 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Management of information resources such as hardware, software, data and personnel. Planning, controlling and organization of all resources. Analysis in technical and financial aspects of information resource acquisition. Research in information resource management proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 521 Database Systems 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Access methods and file systems. Hierarchical, network, relational and object-oriented data models. Query languages. Database services including protection, integrity control and alternative views of data. High level interfaces including application generator, browser and report writers. Transaction processing. Research in database systems proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 611 Knowledge-based Systems 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Machine representation of judgmental knowledge and uncertain relationships. Inference on inexact knowledge bases. Rule-based systems principles, advantages, and limitations. Signal understanding. Automated planning systems. Knowledge acquisition and explanation producing techniques. Research in knowledge-based systems proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 622 Distributed Database Systems 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Problems and opportunities inherent in distributed databases on a computer networking and distribution of processors and control. The theory, design, implementation, and performance of large systems. File allocation, Directory Systems, Concurrency, Consistency, Integrity, Reliability, Privacy, and Security in distributed systems. Advanced features of the course include research related to Mobile Data Management, Streaming databases, and Peer to Peer systems. Research in distributed database systems proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 623 Large Scale Database Design 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Design and implementation of large scale database systems on modern computer systems. Considerations concerning operating system design including buffering, page size, prefetching, etc. Query processing algorithms and optimization. Design of crash recovery and concurrency control systems. Implementation of database machines. Ethics in database design. Research in large scale database design proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 624 Advanced Information Storage and Retrieval 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Concept of information retrieval system, document and query forms, query structures, matching process, text analysis, profiles and their usage, multiple reference point systems, retrieval effectiveness measures, effectiveness improvement technique, retrieval techniques, output presentation, electronic document access. Research in advanced information storage and retrieval proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 626 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Fundamental concept, terminology, characteristic and techniques essential for data warehousing project design and development. Issues in data warehouse planning, design, implementation, and administration. Relational and Multidimensional database structures. Data mining techniques including decision tree, association rule, clustering, and neural networks. Research in data warehousing and data mining proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 632 Telecommunication 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Basic principles of telecommunication technology and the telephone network, and the legal, economic, and regulatory environment of the telecommunication industry. Role of new technologies such as microwaves, integrated digital networks, computer communications, and cable television. Common carrier laws and the economics of natural monopoly as the basis for regulations of the telecommunication industry. Issues of competition, monopoly and technical standards. Spectrum allocation and management. International communications and transborder data flow. Changes in the new technologies and the impact on regulations. Research in telecommunication proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 641 Software Design and Development 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Design, construction, maintenance and evaluation of large software systems. Techniques of development such as programming methodologies, advances software tools and project management. Testing and program reliability. Software quality assurance and cost. Coordination of multiple programrs. Documentation and design of friendly user interfaces. Ethics in software design and development. Research in software design and development proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 642 Computer-Aided System Engineering 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Basic systems engineering. Elements of CASE. Various tools and techniques. Diagramming techniques such as data flow diagrams, action diagrams, decision-network diagrams. System software tools. Scheduling and costing. Support functions. Research in computer-aided system engineering proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 643 Software Engineering 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Principles and practice of software engineering: software requirements, software process models, software cost estimation, software design, software specification, formal specification, software verification and validation, software configuration management and software quality. Research in software engineering proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 645 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Object-oriented paradigm: object-oriented analysis of a real world domain, object-oriented system design, fundamentals of the object-oriented programming paradigm, object-oriented programming environments, role of object-orientation in building business objects. Research in object-oriented analysis and design proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 651 Compiler Design and Construction 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Finite automata theory. Context-free grammar. Lexical analysis. Syntactic analysis. Theory of parsing. Handling of user-defined types and type checking. Code generation and optimization. Memory management and runtime organization. Research in compiler design and construction proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 652 Computer System Performance Analysis and Evaluation 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Analysis of computer system operation: process scheduling, virtual memory management, secondary storage device management. Models of program behavior. Use of analytic modeling techniques including queuing theory. Work load characterization. Tuning, procurement and capacity planning applications. Program performance evaluation. Research in computer system performance analysis and evaluation proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 653 Advanced Computer Architecture 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Functional and structural models of computer systems. Architecture and organization at microprogramming, machine language, and operating system level. Processor organization and system control. Arithmetic processors : algorithms and implementation. Storage system organization : hierarchy and management. Communication organization and control. Research in advanced computer architecture proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 654 Parallel Computation 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Fundamental theoretical issues in designing parallel algorithms and architectures. Shared memory models of parallel computation. Parallel algorithms for linear algebra, sorting, Fourier transform, recurrence evaluation and graph problems. Interconnection network based models. Algorithm design technique for networks like hypercubes, shuffle-exchanges, meshes and butterfly networks. Systolic arrays and techniques for generating them. Message routing. Research in parallel computation proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 655 Computer Graphics 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Hardware and software elements of computer graphics systems. Graphics languages. Graphic work-stations and specialized I/O devices. Representations of two-and three-dimensional objects. Geometric transformation. Interactive techniques. Hidden surface elimination. Research in computer graphics proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 659 Multimedia Technologies and Applications 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Multimedia data, systems, technologies, multimedia design and development. Digital media delivery, multimedia programming, programming tools and environments, software libraries related to image and video processing, computer vision and computer graphics libraries. Research in multimedia technologies and applications proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 663 Image and Signal Processing 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Fundamentals of image and signal processing, principles and algorithms for image analysis, filtering and feature extraction. Representation and analysis of discrete signals. Sampling, filtering, convolution, z-transforms, Fourier Transform. Practical experience in image and signal processing such as biomedical image processing, speech signal processing, physiological signal processing. Research in image and signal processing proposed in academic research papers and articles.

ITCS 671 Seminar in Computer Science I 1(0-2-1)
Contents: Research topics in computer science. Adaptation of modern research ideas. Evaluation of research methodologies. Computer ethics and responsibilities on society. Research work computer science proposed as academic articles for guidelines of thesis or research project topics.

ITCS 681 Special Topics in Information Technology 3(3-0-6)
Contents: Topics in Information Technology in many aspects according to new technologies.

ITCS 695 Independent Study 3(0-6-3)
Contents: Topics in Computer Science in which students are interested.

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ITCS 698 Thesis 12(0-36-0)
Contents: Computer science research conducted with responsible research ethics under the approval of the graduate advisor and the thesis committee. Thesis writing. Writing a research publication. Publication ethics.

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Thematic Paper

ITCS 697 Research Project in Computer Science 6(0-18-0)
Contents: Research project in computer science with the approval of the graduate advisor and the project committee. Research project conducted under academic principles and research ethics.


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