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Undergraduate Direct Admission

Admission Steps

Direct Admission is the fastest and easiest way to be admitted to the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology. In order to be admitted into the program, a candidate needs only to

  1. apply online
  2. take the written examinations (Math, Physics, Chemistry, and English), and
  3. pass the interview examination
Thai students studying in Thai high school system are encouraged to apply through Direct Admission. The application period for Direct Admission is available twice a year from the beginning of August to the end of September, and between November and December. Students who perform exceptionally well in the examination will be offered no-commitment full scholarships to study at the Faculty of ICT for four years.


  • Pass the Faculty of ICT's Entrance Examinations (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English)
  • Candidates must hold a high-school (Grade 12) diploma or its equivalent certificate. The candidates in the graduating year can submit a supporting document from their high schools to confirm that the candidates will graduate before the start date of the undergraduate program.
  • Candidates must study in MATH-SCIENCE or ART-MATH major from high school in order to be eligible to take the examination and be admitted to the program.
  • An official transcript. A student in the final year of high school can submit a convincing transcript certified by his/her school which demonstrates that the student has a strong potential to graduate after the current academic year is over. Transcript not issued by a Thai institution must be translated and certified by the high school of the applicant and the Ministry of Education of Thailand. The GPA must not be lower than 2.0 using the 4.0 scaling system.
  • A copy of citizen identification card and residential status document, or (for foreigner) passport showing applicant’s name, date of birth and expiry date.
  • One one-inch photo of the applicant in formal clothes (i.e. student uniform or formal clothes), facing front, no sunglasses. The picture must be taken not more than 6 months ago.
  • A copy of the Pay-In receipt from the Bank for the application fee. This Pay-in receipt (or Pay-in slip) can be obtained after paying the application fee of 600 Baht at any branch of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) in Thailand. The payment form to use at the bank can be printed out after the student completes the last step of the online application.
  • Application form printed from the Online Application System with the applicant's signature.

Note: All documents submitted to the Faculty of ICT must be signed and dated by the student applicant for the authenticity of documents.


Important Dates and Schedule

Please follow this link for Important Dates and Schedule for Thai applicants.


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