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Application Procedure

The best way to apply to Ph.D. program to use the Faculty of Graduate Studies' online admission system (foreign applicants, Thai applicants).

Required and optional application documents update

Required and optional application documents update

There are several channels to apply to the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology which are explained in How to apply.



Since 2008, the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FICT) has established its international graduate program in computer science with the aims to produce highly qualified graduates in the areas of computer, information and communication technology. Students graduated from the program receive technical and theoretical knowledge as well as communication and teamwork skills that are vital for the development of their careers. Graduates are also expected to be highly competitive at the international level, not only with their technical expertise, but with their English proficiency as well. Currently, the FICT graduate program focuses on research areas in Databases and Intelligence, E-Business, Multimedia and Computer Graphics, and general Computer Science (focused on Computational Theory and Computer Networks). As computer technology is rapidly evolving, we plan to make more majors available in the near future such as software engineering.

The Faculty of ICT is proud of its strengths in graduate teaching and research. We also eagerly welcome new prospective students to join the faculty. The graduate program requires students to have some academic exposure to computer-related fields. Students who are interested in computing technology may apply anytime during the year except for the Master’s direct admission method.

The Faculty of ICT currently offers a Ph.D. in Computer Science (International Program).


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