What's our study ?

What branches can I choose to study ?

Focus on producing quality graduates. Expertise in creating works. The computer technology is very good. Course content is concentrated. Meet international standards Students will gain knowledge. Experience in many disciplines Has been trained in English skills. teamwork And potential development To compete at the national level. And internationally.

You can choose to study in 8 tracks.

Computer Science
Learn about Computer operating system Computer Architecture, Database, Data Communication System design and development High performance computer
Databases and Intelligent Systems
Learn about database management. And the knowledge base system, data warehouse, decision support systems. Information Systems in Organizations Analysis and design of information systems Artificial intelligence Machine learning and intelligent systems. Text processing and recognition, etc.
E- Business Systems
Learn about the application of ICT in the management and development of information systems in organizations and those used for electronic transactions.
Multimedia Systems
Learn about multimedia technology and multimedia applications such as digital image processing. Computer animation Virtual reality technology
Software Engineering
Learn about systems and how to develop quality software. Whether it is a software development team or a large one. This field is essential for the development of quality software.
Health Information Technology
Learn about the system and how to develop software for use in public health. Such as the hospital system. And the health management system of the country
Computer Network
Every organization must now be connected to the Internet and have an internal network. Students will be able to learn about computer navigation. Connected by means of communication. To exchange information between computers. And sharing resources in the network. It focuses on the study of how to communicate with both wired and wireless computer systems. Connection system with Internet security of information and communication interface And future communications networks.
Management Information System
Study the concept of information system implementation. This is useful for content management, including analysis, design, and composition of management information systems. And the relationship between those elements. The roles and functions of various information systems. To help manage the organization. Environment outside the organization And the impact on information management Including the application of information systems in decision making, including office automation systems.