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Frequently Asked Questions

(Master of Science in Computer Science)

M.Sc. FAQs for International Applicants


  • Q: Can I apply for the program if I do not have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science?
    A: Yes, but you should have some computer or IT background knowledge such as at least 15 credits in computer or IT-related courses or 2-3 years of experience in computer- or IT-related areas.
  • Q: Is it necessary for an applicant to have programming skills before applying to the program?
    A: Yes, it is necessary because the programming skills will be used for completing the thesis or project work.
  • Q: Can I apply if my GPA does not meet the GPA requirement shown on the web page?
    A: Yes, you can apply (e.g. if you have strength in other areas). The admission committee will consider your application in all aspects.

Application process

  • Q: Is it necessary to submit two letters of recommendation?
    A: Yes. At least two letters of recommendation should be submitted, and they will be considered by the admission committee.
  • Q: Can the two letters of recommendation be issued from the same institute or organization?
    A: The two letters of recommendation should be issued from different institutes. For example, one of them could be issued from your former university advisor, and the other could be obtained from your firm's supervisor.
  • Q: When is the normal application period?
    A: The application is available all year-round for foreign applicants. However, you should apply before the end of March each year (by 31 March) because the academic year usually starts in June.
  • Q: How to apply?
    A: Foreign applicants can apply by the following methods:
  • Q: May I apply to enroll in the 2nd semester?
    A: Currently, we do not admit students to enroll in the 2nd semester.
  • Q: Does a foreign applicant have to submit TOEFL or IELTS and GRE scores?
    A: Yes, the applicant must submit TOEFL (at least 500 PBT/70 iBT/173 CBT) or IELTS (at least 5.5) scores. The GRE score is not required by nice to have. Applicants graduated from English speaking institution may be exempted from submitting TOEFL or IELTS test scores. Please contact the Faculty of ICT for more information.
  • Q: Do I need to submit the financial statement?
    A: Yes, foreign applicants have to submit financial statement that shows financial activities for the past 6 months from the application submission date. The admission committee needs to be certain that the applicants have sufficient fund to support the whole cost of the program.

Admission requirements

  • Q: Do foreign applicants have to take any entrance examination and what are additional admission requirements?
    A: Foreign applicants do not have to take our entrance examination. Application forms and related documents will be considered by the admission committee. Qualified foreign applicants will be interviewed via Skype service over the Internet.
  • Q: Does a foreign applicant abroad have to be in Thailand to conduct an interview?
    A: No, the applicant will be interviewed through Skype (if the applicant is not in Thailand).
  • Q: When and how will I know the admission result?
    A: The admission result will be sent via e-mail within a week after the date of the interview examination.
  • Q: If I am admitted into the Master program, how could I obtain a visa to enter Thailand?
    A: The Faculty of ICT and the Faculty of Graduate Studies will send Letter of Acceptance and other required documents to the admitted applicants to use for visa application. The documents and application form (completed by the applicant) must be submitted to the Royal Thai Embassy in the applicant’s country in order to receive a visa to enter Thailand.

Tuition fees

  • Q: What is the total expense and tuition fee of the Master of Science in Computer Science program for international students?
    A: For international applicants, the total expense for the two-year study is about 440,000 baht or about 12,500 US Dollar (1 US$ = 35 baht). Note: the expense and fees are subject to change without prior notice and could be varied according to the exchange rate.


  • Q: Are scholarships available for international students?
    A: Yes, partial and full scholarships are usually awarded to outstanding students. The final decision will be approved by the admission committee on the case by case basis.

Study plan

  • Q: Is the Master of Science in Computer Science program a full-time or part-time program?
    A: The Master of Science in Computer Science program is a part-time program. All classes are conducted in the evening or during weekends. Thus, students can work full-time during the day.
  • Q: Where do I study?
    A: All graduate students will take classes and conduct research at the Computing Center building, the Faculty of ICT, Phayathai campus, Bangkok.
  • Q: How long does it take to study until degree completion?
    A: The Master program is a two-year program. According to students' circumstances, students have the maximum of 5 years to complete the degree.
  • Q: Which subjects do I have to study?
    A: Please see the study plan and courses at
  • Q: What is the language used to conduct this program?
    A: All courses in this program are taught in English.  All textbooks, examination, term papers, project presentation, thesis document and communication are also in English.
  • Q: When do I choose a study plan?
    A: The Master of Science in Computer Science program offers two study plans: Plan A (thesis track) and Plan B (project track).  A student will choose his/her study plan during the summer term of the first academic year.
  • Q: What are the professors' qualifications?
    A: All instructors received Ph.D. from well-known institutions abroad.  All instructors have extensive experience in teaching and conducting research. Other invited professors, if any, are experts in IT industry or seasoned researchers.

Graduation Requirements

  • Q: What are the graduation requirements?
    A: The graduation requirements information can be found in the website of the Faculty of Graduate Studies at

    In summary, the requirements are as follows:
    • Students must pass all the courses required with the minimum grade of B.
    • Students must obtain the cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
    • Students must pass the English proficiency test.
    • Students must propose the thesis or research project and pass the final defense.
    • If you select to do a research project, you must pass the comprehensive exam before the defense.
    • If you select to do a thesis, you must have your research work published in a peer review conference or in a national or international journal.
    • Students must submit an original copy of their complete theses/ research project work in printed copy and also in soft PDF files.


  • Q: Are accommodations available for international students?
    A: Currently, there is no accommodation provided specifically for international students. However, Mahidol University has three condominiums in Salaya campus for staffs and students to rent. We can recommend some convenient and safe accommodations around Phyathai campus. Please contact the public relation office of the Faculty of Graduate Studies or Faculty of ICT for more information.

Estimated Cost of Living

  • Housing:
    • MU Condominium: 10,000 baht/month
    • Private Apartment: 3,000 - 5,000 baht/month
  • Meals: 30 - 100 baht/meal
  • Travel:
    • Bus: 8 - 30 baht/trip
    • BTS (SkyTrain): 15 - 40 baht/trip
    • MRT (Subway): 15 - 40 baht/trip

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