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Frequently Asked Questions

(Master of Science in Computer Science)

M.Sc. FAQs for Thai Local Applicants


  • Q: Can I apply to the program if I do not have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science?
    A: Yes, but you should have some computer or IT background such as at least 15 credits in computer or IT-related courses or 2-3 years of experience working with computer or IT.
  • Q: Is it necessary for an applicant to have programming skills before applying to the program?
    A: Yes, it is necessary because the programming skills will be used for completing the thesis or project work.
  • Q: Can I apply if my GPA does not meet the GPA requirement listed on the web page?
    A: Yes, you can apply if you have strength in other areas. The admission committee will consider your application in all aspects.

Application process

  • Q: Does a Thai applicant have to submit recommendation letters?
    A: No, a Thai applicant does not have to submit recommendation letters.
  • Q: When is the application period?
    A: Each year, the Faculty of ICT opens two rounds of admission.
  • Q: When is the application period?
    A: The application is available all year round for foreign applicants. However, you should apply before the end of March each year (by 31 March).
  • Q: How do I apply?
    A: You can apply using three methods
    • In person at
      • the Faculty of ICT, Computing Center Building, Phayathai campus (near Ramathibodi Hospital), Bangkok
      • the Faculty of ICT, ICT Building, Salaya campus (at Phuttamonthon 4 – Baromratchonnanee intersection), Nakhon Pathom
      • the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Salaya campus (at Phuttamonthon 4 – Baromratchonnanee intersection), Nakhon Pathom
    • Postal mail (details at
    • Online at
    • Please see more information at or
  • Q: Can a Thai applicant apply using International Application methods?
    A: No. Thai applicants must apply using Direct Application method with written examination and interview.
  • Q: Does the Faculty of ICT admit students into the Master of Science program in the 2nd semester?
    A: No.
  • Q: Does a Thai applicant have to submit TOEFL or IELTS score?
    A: No, because all Thai applicants have to take the English written exam.
  • Q: Do I need to submit the financial statement?
    A: No, Thai applicants do not need to submit financial statement.

Admission requirements

  • Q: What subjects are in the written examination and what contents are covered?
    Topics covered
     General knowledge
     General knowledge of Thai language, Thailand, news and events that happen around the world.
     Grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension
     Linear algebra, discrete mathematics, statistics, and probability
     Database, data communication, operating systems
  • Q: When and how will I know the admission result?
    A: The admission result will be posted at the website of the Faculty of Graduate Studies ( around 2-3 weeks after the interview according to the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ schedule.

Tuition fees

  • Q: What is the total cost of the Master of Science program?
    A: In year 2011, the research supplies fee will be included into the tuition fee. This makes the cost of the study for the thesis track (Plan A) to be 180,000 baht, and for the project track (Plan B) to be 170,000 baht.


  • Q: What scholarships are available and what are the terms and conditions of the scholarships?
    A: Full commitment scholarship is available. The awarded recipient will be exempted from tuition fee and some equipment fees, but not university fees. The awarded recipient will have to work full-time for the Faculty of ICT. Monthly salary will be provided according to the recipient’s qualification. The scholarship will be given to the applicant who performed well in the written examination and the interview. The scholarship recipient will be committed to work for the Faculty of ICT for the length of time he/she spent until the completion of the program from the date of the scholarship acceptance.
  • Q: How to apply for a scholarship?
    A: An applicant can request a scholarship application form at the Faculty of ICT.

Study plan

  • Q: Is this Master of Science program a full-time or part-time program?
    A: The Master of Science program is a part-time program. All classes are conducted in the evening of weekdays or all day on weekends.
  • Q: Where do I study?
    A: The Master students will take classes and conduct research at the Computing Center building, the Faculty of ICT, Phayathai campus.
  • Q: What is the length of time to study until degree completion?
    A: The length of the master program is 2 years but not more than 5 years. The Faculty of ICT also provides academic support which will keep track of students process to make sure that students graduate in the least amount of time.
  • Q: Which subjects do I have to study?
    A: Please see
  • Q: What is the language used for this program?
    A: Courses in this program are taught in English. All books and communication are also in English.
  • Q: Where do instructors come from and what are their qualifications?
    A: All instructors received Ph.D. from reputable institutions abroad. The instructors in the program consist of permanent faculty members and adjunct instructors who are experts in their areas of research.
  • Q: When do I choose a study plan?
    A: During the summer of the first academic year.

Graduation Requirements

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