• Why MUICT?
    The Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University, even though newly established, has rapidly gained a massive reputation and trust due to our early-year achievements. We provide not only higher education of rare quality in Computer Science, but an ideal place with a variety of facilities to play and socialize. At MUICT, we are also home to an abundance of opportunities and inspirations. More information

  • Career Perspective
    Upon completion of the international Computer Science program, our Master’s students will be fully equipped with IT and computer skills, experiences, and expertise. Future careers include, but are not limited to, IT professor and researcher. More information

  • Life at Mahidol University
    In the following link, we provide a full list of our Mahidol University Campuses and their descriptions. More information

  • Apply Now
    Apply now at www.grad.mahidol.ac.th

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently Asked Questions about Master's Admission More information…

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Student Affairs

Our Student Affairs Division, responsible for managing student-centred programs and services, gives priority to effectiveness in engaging with the faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni and its community at large.