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CS and ICT Mahidol Alumni participated as mentors in the “MUCAP: Capture Future Together” Project

On 14 August 2021, Dr. Pawitra Liamruk, Deputy Dean for Academic Administration and Acting Deputy Dean for Organizational Communication and Engagement, together with alumni from Computer Science (CS) program and ICT program, Mahidol University, participated in the Mentor Orientation of the “MU Career Advancement Program (MUCAP): Capture Future Together” Project via Zoom.

The objective of the “MUCAP: Capture Future Together” was to open opportunity for MU students to exchange ideas and keys for success with MU alumni from various industries across the world such as business, science, health, sports and music, who joined as mentors in this project. By joining the “MUCAP”, students will get chances to participate in many sessions including workshop session, mentoring session, career roundtable session, and mentors meeting session, etc.

The 6 ICT Alumni from ICT and CS programs who participated in this event as mentors included:

  1. Jirawat Eauchai (ICT Alumnus #Batch 2), CEO of Trinity Roots Co., Ltd.
  2. Thanapoom Charoensiri (ICT Alumnus #Batch 2), CEO of AppMan Co., Ltd.
  3. Chanin Aranyawat (ICT Alumnus #Batch 3), Co-founder & Board of Director of RABBIT Digital Group
  4. Apichaya Wisitphornanan (ICT Alumna #Batch 6), CTO of SHIPPOP Co., Ltd.
  5. Chanakarn Chinchatchawal (ICT Alumnus #Batch 7), Founder and CEO of Zwiz.AI (Robolingo Co., Ltd.)
  6. Pongchai Chareonrungroj (CS Alumnus #Batch 7), VP, Digital Tech Academy of Siam Commercial Bank

Students who are interested to join this activity, please register via https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSda2aAxp_wf0OdeiglrM0YcTfuNRULR5nl-kwa9Wl5DcTdQLA/viewform, today – 22 August 2021. The result will be announced on 30 August 2021.

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