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Cultural Game Competition

The Cultural Game Competition was hosted by Department of Cultural Promotion, the Ministry of Culture of Thailand in 2010. The aim of the competition was to stimulate creativity thinking in Thai people as well as promote Thai culture globally in the digital world. Candidates were encouraged to design and create games accessible via the Internet with the theme of Thai culture.

In 2010, the Cab Moo team consisting of Mr. Pattarapon Ngamlert, Mr. Raksit Polohakul, Mr. Natdanai Srithongkul, Ms. Pattamon Aksharanugraha, and Ms. Piyanuch Eangpayung under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Vasaka Visoottiviseth attended the competition. They successfully completed a game project called “Ta Lui Koh Rattanakosin” which is the game conveying Thai culture and tradition using the scene of Ratanakosin island. The team finally beat other 80 teams and won the Best Cultural Game Award from the Ministry of Culture, Thailand, on 27 September 2010.

The Cab Moo team suggested that teamwork was a key to success.  Each team member specialized in his/her own area. They must integrate the differences together harmoniously.  The attractive storyline of the game was also another key component.  The Cap Moo team added that the team had an initiative to develop the game to Social Networking websites in order to increase the cultural promotion effort of Thailand.

If you are interested, you can play the game at


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