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National Software Contest

The National Software Contest (NSC) is a competition initiated by National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) in order to encourage software industry in Thailand to be able to compete in the global level.

National Software Contest is a national competition that provides opportunity for students and software developers to show their capabilities in software development. The competition also provides development funds for outstanding projects which will propels thoes software to reach their higest capability.

For the 12th National Software Contest (NSC 2010), many groups of ICT student passed the second round competition and devoured all of their capabilities competiting to reach the top awards. Amoung those students, groups of ICT students once again made a reputation to ICT Faculty with the first prize and the third prize.

The ICT students were awarded in 2 categories:

  1. RFID  Application for Industry
  2. -The first prize (with a prize value of 60,000 baht): ”TaG ME Travelling book” project which is a travel guide book by using RFID system. The advisor was Dr. Srisupa  Palakvangsa Na Ayudhya.

    -The third prize (with a prize value of 20,000 baht): “The Developed Security System for Theme Park and Water Park” project. The advisor was Asst. Prof. Vasaka  Visoottiviseth.

  3. Program to help disable and handicapped people

  4. - The third prize (with a prize value of 20,000 baht): “Intelligent System for Reading and Writing Thai on Mobile” project, the advisor was Asst. Prof. Vasaka  Visoottiviseth.




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