Instructions for Graduates in Graduation Ceremony

Dress Code

Male: white, long-sleeve shirt; navy blue formal suit (black suit and metal buttons NOT allowed); necktie of the University (or a dark blue one); dark, plain socks; black, plain leather shoes with no metal decoration; graduation gown; plain hairstyle; short fingernails.  
Female: formal student uniform (skirt must be in dark blue with appropriate length); bowtie of the University; skin-colored stockings; black, plain court shoes with no metal decoration; no pointed heel; graduation gown; hair NOT covering any part of the face; accessories (bracelet, ring, bow, etc.) NOT allowed; short fingernails.
All graduates: Muslims and Sikhs do not have to wear the graduation cap.

Steps to be practiced

1. Stepping before the Princess: walk upright with arms attached to the body and stop at each marked spot.
2. Standing upright: heels together, arms attached to the body.
3. Paying respect to the Princess.   
Female: stand upright with heels together and do the curtsy with hands together on the knee.
Male: stand upright with heels together and bow with the whole upper body in a graceful manner.
4. Taking the degree certificate: look straight, stretch the right arm to an appropriate extent, raise the hand and jerk up a little before picking the certificate at its middle (palm-up), and turn your wrist a little to lay the certificate on the middle of your chest.
5. Taking a step back: keep the whole body upright while taking 3 slant steps back towards the way off the stage.
6. Going down the stage: stop stepping back at the marked spot, pay respect once again, and turn clockwise to get off the stage.
7. Holding the certificate: hold the certificate tight to the chest, with the right elbow attached to the body.
(1) These steps should be practiced to ensure that there would be no embarrassing mistake at all.
(2) The graduation gown should perfectly fit the wearer to ensure there would be no accident caused by the gown.

DOs & DON’Ts
1. Do NOT wear any accessories. Do NOT wear a wrist watch on your right hand. Fingernails must be short.
2. Stay calm and quiet in the ceremony. Foods & books prohibited.
3. Metal stuff is prohibited in the ceremony.
4. Taking photos is prohibited in the ceremony.
5. Personal stuff – camera, bag, bouquet, cell phone, coin, etc. – is prohibited in the ceremony.
6. Do NOT get out of the line when you are in the ceremony. Should you have any problem, inform the teacher or staff.
7. Do NOT keep your questions about what you have to do in the ceremony. Ask any nearby teacher to give you answers or advice.

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