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Student activity is an important concern that the university must encourage and support, besides general classroom subjects students have enrolled. Though without any course module, the objectives of the activities are to create fun and knowledgeable comprehension as well as to promote developments in various areas. It gives great opportunities for students to express their talents, skills, and attitudes. Activities can both be organized by the university for the students or be arranged by the students themselves. Major activities include social welfare activities, art and culture, entertainment and recreation, and sports and other academic activities.

There are many exciting works originated from the computer science group. The topics of these projects include computer wired and wireless networks, network management, network security, cluster performance evaluation and parallel computing.


  1. To uphold good moralities and ethics of the students
  2. To encourage unity among the students
  3. To encourage extracurricular activities creating enhanced experiences in various areas for the students
  4. To uphold and preserve admirable cultures, norms and traditions, and excellent uniqueness of the nation
  5. To promote healthiness and wellbeing as well as personality development
  6. To encourage students to cooperate in social welfare activities
  7. To enhance and expand the university’s reputations and honors

To take part in any activity, each student must make his or her own decision without any outside enforcement or pressure. In this regard, students have full opportunities to join the activity that they think is good and beneficial for them. Good activity normally leads to great experiences for the participants in various areas, such as administrative procedures, student organizations’ internal management, getting to know behaviors and personalities of your colleagues, sacrificing oneself for the community as well as being a capable way to turn back to consider and know ourselves better. This will create changes in oneself which leads to self development and society enhancement.

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