Interview of the “Digital tour guide for Mahasawat community”, Senior Project Grant Awardees of the 4th year students from ICT Mahidol

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Experiences, preparation and benefits gained from conducting this Senior Project
• Recommendations to juniors who are preparing their projects
The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), not only aims to be a leading institution in IT, but also focuses on arts and cultural conservation. In academic year 2019, the Faculty of ICT has provided 3 Senior Project Grants for its 4th year students whose senior projects are related to arts and culture conservation.
The ICT Spotlight team did an interview with Mr. Thanakorn Boonlarp, Mr. Poramat Jaratdamrong and Mr. Pisit Pukpruengkop, senior students from Multimedia Systems track, whose work “Digital tour guide for Mahasawat community”, under supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sudsanguan Ngamsuriyaroj, received the Faculty’s senior project grants.

How did you find out about the “Senior Project Grants”? And how to apply?

We got the information about the grant from our advisor. She suggested that we should apply for the grant because our project was related to the grants’ criteria. We researched more about the grant’s criteria via My Courses website and finally applied for it.

What is the project entitled “Digital tour guide for Mahasawat community” about? What are the objectives of this project?

Our project, “Digital tour guide for Mahasawat community” is a digital tour guide which presents activities and tourist information of Mahasawat community through digital platforms, including websites and a mobile application. This project aims to help tourists plan a trip to Mahasawat community beforehand.

What were your inspirations?

Actually, this was not our initial project but the first one was rejected by our advisor. At that time, we felt very empty and had no idea what to do next. Then, a teacher suggested us to do “Digital tour guide for Mahasawat community”. After receiving the topic, we still had no clue about it and were wondering what the “Digital tour guide” actually was? Therefore, we did some more research about it and felt that this project was very interesting. Thus, we finally decided to do it.

How did you prepare for this senior project?

As this project was not our first idea but was suggested by the teacher, the hardest thing for us was analyzing the word “Digital Guide”. We spent quite a lot of time analyzing it. Finally, we came up with the idea that “Digital Guide” was creating a program or an application that can help tourists plan their trip to Mahasawat community beforehand via digital platforms.

What did you gain from your project?

The things we’ve gained from doing this senior project were “managing the team workload”, “working as a team”, and “achieving the goals”. In addition, we’ve also learned how to coordinate with outsiders, especially the villagers of Mahasawat community. During the project, we frequently communicated with them regarding their satisfaction in our project, and/or things that needed to be improved.

Frankly, conducting this project was quite different from other projects we’ve done during our 4 years of study. As we are in the Multimedia Systems track, our main projects are related to Image Processing, Gaming, and Modeling. But, this project is related to coding a website.

How does this project benefit society?

We believe that our project can help promote Mahasawat community to public, and boost the local tourism. The visitors can find the specific attractions and pictures of Mahasawat community through our website.

What do you want to recommend to your juniors who are preparing to conduct senior projects?

We would suggest that “communication among team members” and “selection of team members” were very important keys that will lead you to your goals. You need to choose team members who share the same passion and interest as you, so that you can produce the best result together. Moreover, if you still don’t know what project you should do, don’t jump to conclusions! You should start from the things that you’re interested in, and it will lead you to success.

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