9 teams from MUICT passed to the final round of the 21st National Software Contest (NSC 2019)

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Thursday 14th February 2019 – MUICT students participated in the 21st National Software Contest (NSC 2019) which was held at the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Science Faculty, Silapakorn University, Sanam Chandra Palace Campus.

The objectives of the National Software Contest (NSC) are to encourage software development among students in order to develop the programming skills which are fundamental and critical skills for the software developers. Furthermore, the contest should help create more skilled programmers that will use the experience and learning from the contest to benefit the society in the future. Also, the contest helps create more awareness and interest in programming among the younger generations. For this year, the contest was divided into 3 levels and 12 categories as follows:

Level 1: University Students

Category 11 – Programs for Entertainment

Category 12 – Programs for learning skill development

Category 13 – Programs for Health, Medicine, the handicapped, and the elderly

Category 14 – Programs for science and technology development

Category 15 – Mobile Applications

Level 2: Secondary/ High School

Category 21 – Programs for Entertainment

Category 22 – Programs for learning skill development

Category 23 – Application Programming

Level 3: Special

Category 31 – Question answering program from Thai Wikipedia

Category 32 – BEST 2019 Handwriting Recognition

Category 33 – Internet of Things: IoT

Category 34 – Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Applications

This year, 25 teams from MUICT received project funds for passing the first round, and received funding for further project development (3,000 THB) each. The teams were divided into 24 undergraduate students teams and 1 Ph.D. student team.

Projects that pass through the first round (West) can be found at:


Furthermore, there were 16 teams who passed the presentation round (second round) and received additional project funding of 9,000 THB per team. Finally, there were 9 teams who passed through to the final round of NSC 2019, which include undergraduate students 8 teams, and 1 Ph.D. team.


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