Established on 20th May 2009, the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology stems from the Department of Computer Science under the Faculty of Science and Computing Center, which have cooperatively worked together in the development of computing infrastructure and software for university administration and in computing research since 1988. Recognizing the significance of information and communication technology development in Thailand, Mahidol University has established the Faculty of ICT with the mission to meet the growing domestic and global needs for qualified human resources in computer technology.
Areas in information and Communication Technology have grown to encompass many aspects of computing technologies, and it now covers many emerging technologies such as cloud computing, data analysis embedded systems, software engineering, and intelligent systems.
Today the demand for ICT professionals is greater than ever, and graduates are require to have both background in theoretical concepts and practical experience. The main mission of the Faculty of ICT is to produce computer scientists and ICT professionals having high research and development caliber.
1988: Establishment of Mahidol University Computing Center
Assoc. Prof. Supachai Tangwongsan is the first and founding director.
1989: Establishment of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program
1994: Establishment of the Master of Science in Computer Science program
2002: Establishment of the Ph.D. in Computer Science program
2003: Establishment of the Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology (international) program
2009: Establishment of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Assoc. Prof. Jarernsri Mitrpanont is the first and founding dean.

In addition, the Faculty has collaborated with the Computer Bureau to develop communication networks and computer systems of Mahidol University.

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