Philosophy, Vision, Mission

Educational philosophy

  • The educational philosophy of the program is to produce ICT professionals who are proficient in ICT and ready for the current market demands. The graduates are required to complete a capstone project. They can apply their knowledge and skills to solve a real-world problem. Practically, project-based learning and active learning have been applied within the program to encourage students to be able to gain ICT experiences and develop life-long learning skills. Graduates are expected to possess high competency in the competitive workforce of the fast-growing generation of technology and globalization.


  • Being a leader in ICT for learners and dedicators for developing human resources, knowledge and innovation for the society.


  • Produce ICT professionals who are highly competent internationally and possess morality and good work ethics.
  • Develop an ICT curriculum that meets international standard.
  • Develop ICT research and innovations.
  • Transfer, apply and adapt ICT knowledge to the society.
  • Preserve and promote traditional culture and local wisdom.

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