Master Program in Game Technology and Gamification

In recent years, there are a large number of companies that applies game technology to their day-to-day operation especially human resource training. In addition to entertainment, games are used as tools to support learners of various disciplines such as general education, medicine, military, and arts. Learners will have an ability to practice in an environment that would otherwise be too expensive or dangerous to setup such as battlefield or surgical room. Combining games and computer technology together will simulate many virtual environments that resemble real environments. Therefore, it is important for the country to have experts in this game technology area in order to improve the development of human resources.

The Master of Science in Game Technology and Gamification program is a one-year program aiming to teach students from ground up to be able to build games that can be applied in any type of businesses. The gamification course will allow the students to learn how to apply games in various settings. In addition, students will enjoy working with cutting-edge software technology to create graphics, animations and intelligent algorithms that allows games to interact with users.

If you are looking to improve your knowledge and skills in game technology and gamification, this program is right for you.