MU-UCL Double Degree Master Program in Computer Science

This 2-year special Dual Master's degree program is jointly developed by two renowned universities: Mahidol University, Thailand (MU) and University College London, United Kingdom (UCL) in order to produce graduates who have a strong foundation of Computer Scienceas well as advanced knowledge of a specific area of Computer Science. A student of this program will study at MU in Bangkok, Thailand for one year, and at UCL in London, United Kingdom for another year. Upon completing the graduation requirements of the program, the student will receive two Master degrees: Master of Science in Computer Science from MU and one of the specialist Master Degrees from UCL.

The intensive program and provides core foundation of Computer Science in the areas of Database, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence, and Software Engineering and extends the knowledge into advanced areas of Computational Statistics and Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging, Financial Risk Management, Financial System Engineering, Software System Engineering, Human Computer Interface with Ergonomics, Information Security, Machine Learning, and Networked Computer System.

If your passion is to have an advanced Computer Science knowledge, look no further. This world-class program will help you succeed.