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Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Organization)

Similar to the establishment of MUCC and SCCS’s ICT program, SIPA is established by the Royal Thai government in 2003 in order to fulfill the country’s ICT roadmap. SIPA aims to enhance the country’s industrial competitiveness by improving the quality of ICT human resources and software development environment in Thailand. One of the major objectives of SIPA is to raise the quality of education, skill training, and software production in the market. MUCC and our ICT program play an important role in the ICT-education plan of SIPA. Over the years, we corroborate with SIPA in many aspects such as education, conference and workshop, and software development projects.



Thai National Grid Center

Grid is a technology that connects multiple high-performance computers across networks together to perform complex computing tasks or to join data storage together as a single resource. In the recent years, Grid technology has succeeded proprietary supercomputers as a preferred choice for High Performance Computing (HPC). Since the performance of a Grid system scales with the size of the Grid network, Mahidol University Computing Center partnered with Thai National Grid Center (ThaiGrid), under the supervision of Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA), to offer a high-performance computing capability for Thailand. ThaiGrid offers many services such as computational service (for science and engineering), data service (for drug design), application services (for application sharing), information service, and knowledge services.



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