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Real Estate Network Solution with web 2.0

STUDENT NAME : Kumton Suttiraksiri, Than Chaiboriphan, and Myka Helen Conge

ADVISOR : Dr. Srisupa Palakvansa-Na-Ayudhya


In the recent years, the demand of real estate in Thailand has been increased especially in Bangkok. Moreover, a rapid growth of Internet usage is a key factor for online real estate business. However, most websites provide only information related to their properties so customers need to visit many websites to gather information. The Real Estate Network Solution with web 2.0 (RENS) is a Web portal aiming to reduce the number of steps and redundant data in the communication among customers and corporations. RENS has applies the concept of Web 2.0 with the use of Google Maps and Social Network. Google Maps allow customers to know the exact location of properties, while Social Network make an online community of ones who are interested in real estate business; for example, customers can write blogs or use online negotiating system. Another essential function of RENS is Proximity Search which can suggest results matched some of customer condit! ions in searching; for example, properties with the price between 1.8 millions and 2.2 millions will be returned if customers input the price of 2 millions.


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