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Helpdesk System

STUDENT NAME : Thitiwut Wiriya-apa and Piyawat Madchamadol

ADVISOR : Dr. BoonsitYimwadsana


Mahidol University Computing Center (MUCC) provides IT support for over 30,000 users including students, faculty members and staffs. Some of these users are very familiar with IT, but some are not. These users have one thing in common: the demand for cutting-edge technology. The cutting-edge technology comes with a price which is the steep IT learning curve for the users even those who are familiar with IT. Therefore, it is important that the university must provide high quality support to help the users become familiar with the new cutting-edge technology deployed in the university.
IT issues can be anything ranging from computer-related problem to human related problem. Those issues can be solved by staffs at MUCC. With over 30,000 users, a helpdesk management system is needed to manage those issues that may arise. The issues need to be tracked and follow up in order to ensure that students, faculty members and staffs can cope with their responsibility efficiently. User satisfaction is the most important component of MUCC’s success which drives the university forward.
Our web-based implementation of “Helpdesk System” allows user to ask IT-related questions, which are then distributed to the staffs responsible for the questions. Our helpdesk system also aims at being the main single point of contact between MUCC and users, thus improving customer relationship for MUCC.


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