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Dolvara  Guna-Tilaka   4988038   ITCS/B
Path  Russamepaibul       4988149   ITCS/B
Thanaporn  Ongkosit      4988248   ITCS/B


Project Advisor: Dr. Boonsit Yimwadsana


In today highly competitive world, group collaboration helps organizations to be able to compete. Communication is a key factor to succeed.  Thanks to the advance in the Internet and communication technology, people can work on a specific project even though they live far away from each other.  Outsourcing is a prominent example.  Today, traditional face-to-face meeting may not be suitable because of distance and time barriers. In addition, many existing collaborative software still have limitations and do not provide an environment that is suitable for effective collaboration. Our VirtualSpace project is a web-based application that enables team members to conduct long-distance meetings. Its aim is to provide an environment that is suitable for real-time collaboration so that group members can share their ideas effectively, and can have access to the most recent information. VirtualSpace applies the concept of shared object to the underlying multithreaded application developed by Adobe Flash and Flex technologies. This concept allows group members to have access to shared information and to conduct real-time communication to share ideas. VirtualSpace provides many tools that help facilitate an effectiveness of virtual team such as video conferencing, instant messaging, whiteboard sharing, screen sharing, and file sharing.


KEYWORDS: meeting, collaboration, group, share, sharing


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