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Thitipong kanjanapa   4988062   ITCS/B
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PROJECT ADVISOR: Dr. Boonsit yimwadsana


Today, people live a competitive life and the rising of the cost of living accelerates the problem even faster. Thanks to the concept of sustainable economic proposed by our Majesty the King, appropriate personal management in terms of time and expense can help people manage their daily lives better.  Despite the benefits, several personal management software applications fail to gain popularity because they require intensive input from users.  This results in creating more tasks for the users.  Most people are still unable to do the personal management effectively and it is almost impossible for disabled. Furthermore, the personal organizer software in these days is also difficult to us in particular the input method and the accessibility of the software.  The voice-activated personal organizer (VAPO) combines the advantages of personal organizer, speech recognition, and mobile technology together to support schedule tracking and expense.  The speech recognition function of the system is designed to recognize grammatically corrected Thai speech.  The system is implemented using Objective-C, the main language used to develop iPhone applications. The key technology used for speech recognition is HTK, open-source software from Cambridge University. This voice-based personal organizer software has been tested in the real world with satisfied accuracy of speech recognition.  In addition, the system can upload personal data to Google Calendar via Google Calendar API.  Our project, VAPO, allows users to be their own secretary, live a life with sufficient and sustainable economy from anywhere at anytime.

KEYWORDS: personal organizer, iphone application, speech          recognition, google calendar


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