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Yutika Jantawong     4988046    ITCS/B
Yokporn Saravit         4988233    ITCS/B
Bundit Sathislip          4988281    ITCS/B


Project Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Chomtip Pornpanomchai


In the present day, the security technology in real world has been improved for personal data protection. Iris is an important biometric method with high reported accuracy. However, current iris recognition systems require substantial user cooperation in the image acquisition. Relatively little is known about how iris recognition might perform with less stringent control of image quality. We have implemented the Sobel 8-Segment Edge Detection with Neural network, and evaluated its performance on an image dataset of over 23570 images from over 300 persons, with iris images of different qualities. We try to be the leader in the smallest resource usage. The algorithms of the system would be the simplest feature extraction but the system must be reliable. In the experiment, the system is always in modification time for measuring the best recognition result in varies qualities and sizes.  These results show that greater flexibility in use of iris recognition will require further work on handling images of non-ideal quality. We also explore the use of multiple images for representing a person.


KEYWORDS: human iris / iris recognition


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