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Charnchai  Langla                   4988090   ITCS/B
Narunat  Wongsawat              4988226   ITCS/B
Nichakant  Soontharanont         4988291   ITCS/B


Project Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Chomtip Pornpanomchai


The idea of inserting texts into computer to transform it into human voice, is an enhancement of the human learning ability. Due to the fact that each person has individual ability of visualization, the acknowledgement of information in form of voice will make everything becomes easier. Users just open the document file and press “Read” button. All the texts in document file will be transformed into human voice.
Thai Text to Speech System has been developed by using C# language. The interface of this system consists of two main parts which are “Open” button and “Read” button. When user wants to read the file, user can start using program by opening the file and then the program will do tokenization to separate all long texts into small unit of words. After that, small words will find their match which recorded in the database in term of WAV files by Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and will be read out after the user presses the “Read” button.
The system has been tested in order to pass the assessment of these following qualifications: 1) the ability to read the text file in terms of human voice. 2) to show that the system can function with high efficiency and accuracy.


KEYWORDS: text-to-speech, thai speech

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