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Linjong  Kawrungruang    4988080   ITCS/B
Woraphol  Weerawut           4988221   ITCS/B
Burin  Wiranurak                   4988222   ITCS/B


Project Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Chomtip Pornpanomchai


Today, technology become a part of every businesses domain such as medical, industrial even entertainment to provide a convenient for human, but sometime these technologies were used by human who don’t realize its full potential. As we can see that our human’s race try to develop an innovation everyday for their own convenience and that makes them abandon the handicap person who was waiting for new innovation to comfort them. Remote control is one of the innovations that can help normal people even handicap people to receive more convenience that was quite popular for many decades. Image processing is the topic that our group decided to use as the topic for research in the area of “image recognition” that capture subject’s facial and use the movement pattern to control the car. At first we use MATLAB to write the program and use Web-Cam to capture subject’s face then keep the result in database for train data and use these data to control the RC-Car via remote control by recognizing an image which system input into the process. Our expected result, we can control electronic equipment by using image processing technique to operate the equipment remote-control.


KEY WORDS : radio controller car, human face recognition,
image processing

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