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Malinee  Homnan         4988042   ITCS/B
Navaeat  Pramuksun 4988135   ITCS/B
Walika  Rakyindee     4988205   ITCS/B


Project Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Chomtip Pornpanomchai


            The main export of Thailand is farming products which has a very high competition each year. Increasing of product’s quality and quantity is one way to increase productivity‘s value. Creating a program that can detect bird and alert to chase them away, Thai project can help farmer to protect their crops from being damaged by birds without using chemical. Using the program will decrease chemical cost and be more efficient than scarecrow. In the program there will be a process of video capturing in real-time, video frame snapshot in selected period time, process of comparing frame and process of image processing. Our system can detect the bird and alert by comparing the background scene and scene with moving birds.


KEYWORDS: scarecrow, image processing


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