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Methas Vimuktananda        4988208   ITCS/B
Vilusluck Yuamakod           4988232   ITCS/B 
Jakrapan Veaworawit         4988268   ITCS/B

Project Advisor: DR. Rawesak Tanawongsuwan


A 3D content can be delivered in different forms, such as Animation, 3D simulation, Virtual reality and Augmented Reality.  3D applications can be used as movies, games, E-business, CG design, etc. In this project, we focus on implementing a 3D game. Normally 3D games can be pure 3D or “Video + 3D”. We focus on combining the reality with a 3D environment. The Augmented Reality application is used to create a game in which the user can interact with the 3D character via the Video Camera and Paper AR marker.
Our project is “3D Virtual Friend”, where we have created a 3D character in Blender and 3Ds Max 2009 with pre-animated skeletons applied with the FLARToolKit library that makes our friend come out from the Paper AR marker.
We expect to have an application where the user can have fun with our 3D character by controlling her to perform actions like moving around, dancing, playing, and interacting with the user. The 3D character and other 3D models will be displayed on the monitor.  

KEywords: augmented reality, game


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