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Project Advisor: Dr.Thitinan Tantidham


Currently, the modern educational games play the role for attracting interest students to develop specific skills and knowledge. This project is to introduce snake and ladder game for educational framework. Typically, the snake and ladder game consists of blocks of numbers from 1 to n and a dice. The players take a number of steps according to the shown up rolled dice face. Some blocks have a ladder start, aka virtue, where the players can move up the top of the ladder and some have a head of a snake, aka evil, where they have to move down to its tail. They will win when they get to the nth block. Our educational game framework allows the students to choose a lesson. And the lesson will be stepped up when the students complete the preceding level. In the knowledge box, it provides the lesson tutorial. According to the lesson level, the quizzes and questions are randomly pop-up in two options. The first option is that the quizzes are pop-up at the ladder start’s blocks. If the students give the right answer, they can move up. The second option is that the quizzes and questions are pop-up before the dice is rolled. If the students give the right answer, they can roll the dice. For both options, if they give wrong answer, then they have to stay at the same position and take another attempt on another question in the next return or pass to another player. When the students win the game, the knowledge level will be increased and the advance lessons will be obtained. Based on this framework design, it shows that this educational game design enables for one student or multiple students at the same time. The rules of the game with two options for quiz generation will be analyzed for the learning objectives and mechanisms.




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