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JubJub Team: When dreams come true

Recently, we introduced to you the JubJub Team, which was in the final round of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 in New York City.  The team members consisting of Mr. Wasin Tonekeaw, Mr.Akkhara Supratak, Miss Manasaporn Seemek and Miss.Nacha Jaichetsuk submitting their game “Junk Master: Journey to Junk Lord” to the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition under the “Game Design: Windows/XNA” directly into the final round which was held between the 8th and 13th of July 2011.  The JubJub team did very well to receive the First Runner Up prize award under the aforementioned category.  In this article, we bring you the JubJub team to give us some more details about their experience exclusively for the Faculty of ICT.

ICT Spider: What is the experience and impression that you received from the final round of Microsoft Imagine Cup in New York City?

JubJub: We would like to say that the most impressive experience is not being in the final round with other teams, but it is the time that we worked together once again to solve problems, develop new ideas, preparing the presentations, fixing software bugs, gathering equipment, and even walk around the city together.  However, most of our time is spent in a square room with our computers.  We hardly slept, but the feeling of working together for one goal is just immense.

Another impression we got is from Kla and Oil from DuoCore TV program who were always with us in order to record our time there.   We were really close.  They really helped us with food and valuable advices.  They were really funny and gave us a pack of Mama instant noodles for our success after the award was announced.


ICT Spider: Please tell us about the experience working with other teams from different countries

JubJub: Other teams were very friendly.  We would like to give a special thank to Mr. RyoSuke Yamanaka who is from the Microsoft Student Partner program who was assigned to help us spread our news and find information related to our competition.


ICT Spider: During the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition, are there any other activities for you to do?

JubJub: Microsoft invited important people to give us wonderful speech.  For instance, Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft Corporation) and Dennis Crowley (CEO of Foursquare) were at the opening ceremony to give the opening remarks and be with us to take photos.  Other activities include technical sessions in software development and the “Citizen Day” which is the day that Microsoft brought us to the Ellis island and the Statue of Liberty.  We also had a barbeque session there.  They also gave us some free time to talk around the city, and we went to the Time Square.


 ICT Spider: What is your first feeling after you know that you as Thailand’s representatives were the first runner up?

JubJub: We always think that the Thai flag should be waved on the world stage of Microsoft Imagine Cup since the completion in Poland.  This time, we think we achieved something important and we were really proud.


ICT Spider: What kind of reception did you receive from other people?

JubJub: They accepted us in terms of our game’s quality.  They really liked our cute characters used in the game especially our drawings and the fun that can be obtained from playing the game.  What we want to tell other people and the Thais alike is the importance of letting our kids know how to help out with the climate change issue.


ICT Spider: From your experience, do you have any advice for young Thais who are interested in software development?

JubJub: We have never questioned Thai young teenagers on their ideas, determination, and ambition to succeed.  They like to learn by themselves and take a step at a time.  However, they need to have discipline and professionalism in order to take another step forward, especially in the process of acquiring advanced skills.  We see that most skilled Thai people were afraid of stepping out to the world stage.  We hope that those who have dreams will step out in the future and be a part of the world society.


ICT Spider: This means that JubJub team has acquired quite a lot of experience before reaching this stage.

JubJub: Yes, we did.  We sent our work to compete in various national competitions.  We received an recognition award from the SIPA Game Contest in both Console and PC.  We participated in the IEEE Senior Project Contest 2011.  In addition, we were interested in competing in short films for improving the society as well.  We would like to stress that anyone should not hesitate to follow his/her dreams.


ICT Spider: Please give young Thai teenagers some advice if they want to be successful like you.

JubJub: First of all, they don’t need to be like us.  Each person should have their own identity.  If they would like to do anything, just follow their own likeness and ambition.  For us, the most important thing is to be able to keep the team’s ambition and togetherness.  If every member shares the same goal, we are sure that the result will be good.


ICT Spider: Do you plan to continue the development of “Junk Master: Journey to the Junk Lord”?

JubJub: Even though most games presented in this Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 competition were Windows PC games, our game is based on Mobile Windows Phone 7 platform in order to satisfy the demand of mobile device usage.  In addition, our casual game can be used as an e-learning tool helping children learn how to save the world by categorizing garbage.  The referees in the competition really liked our game because it was a good extension from our PC version of the game.


ICT Spider: Finally, do you have anything to leave for our audience who may be reading this interview?

JubJub: First of all, we would like to thank Dr. Srisupa Palakvangsa Na Ayudhya who was our advisor.  Dr. Srisupa has been our advisor for all of our projects not just the Junk Master.  In addition, we would like to thank all faculty members and everyone involved in this project from the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University and Microsoft for their support. 


We hope that this achievement of the JubJub team brings happiness to everyone at the Faculty of ICT and their family.  JubJub will be considered as one of the legends of the Faculty of ICT.  Their success will create many more future legends, we are sure of that.  Finally, we would like to let you know that their future release of “Junk Master: The Mission of Recovery” on Facebook will be released soon.  Please stay tuned.


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