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During the last September, a fourth-year student from the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University, Mr. AriyaPakeeranamkit,attended the Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) Programunder which he had a chance to report updates about Microsoft Imagine 2012 in the MSP Social Media Team. He was then selected by Microsoft to be one of the Microsoftrepresentatives from Thailand to serve as a reporter for Microsoft Imagine Cup2013 which will be held in Russia. Today, we are going to talk about him and the program.

ICT Spider: Please introduce yourself first.
Sun: My full name is AriyaPakeeranamkit. My nickname is Sun. I’m a fourth-year student at the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University.

ICT Spider: How did you feel when you were selected as a Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) Program representative?
Sun: I was so happy that I couldn’t put my feelings into words, (but I do feel) both pleased and surprised. I have never thought I would make it. I feel so proud to be a representative for my university and my country.

ICT Spider: First of all, why did you decide to join the MSP Program?
Sun: I thought it was very interesting. My teachers and friends also said that my personality perfectly matches the program’s requirements. I was so interested and then decided to join the program.

ICT Spider: Please let us know about what you had experienced before you were accepted to join the program.
Sun: Joining the program made me realize the real working environment better. I had to learn and to know how to work at every single step. I needed to have a plan, be prepared all the time, and worked hard to the fullest. I had to face with some difficulties that made me feel disappointed. But when I felt so, I would talk to my teachers, seniorsand friends. They always gave me encouragement. Also, I have to thank the Tang Thai Team for being my role model. The determination they have shown to the world inspires me to hold a strong determination towards my work as well.

ICT Spider: Please tell us more about what you had to do before you were selected by Microsoft.
Sun: Yes. All of the contestants had to create event-promoting materials for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 and submit them as a part of their report to Microsoft to consider. First and foremost, we had to choose the suitable channels to promote the event. I chose Facebook and YouTube for the purpose because, in my opinion, they can effectively disseminate updates in the shortest period of time. After that, I learned about and followed up Tang Thai Team to keep their fans updated about the team’s moves.

ICT Spider: What will you do to prepare yourself for the upcoming work?
Sun: I will focus more on language practice because it is an essential part of my work. I will have to meet with and talk to a lot of contestants who are foreigners.Also, I will have to learn more on how to be a good reporter and interviewer so that I can serve well for the position.

ICT Spider: To end this talk, do you have any message to leave to your friends and juniors?
Sun: I want to tell them that for whatever work they do, go hard to the fullest and never quit, no matter what challenges are on the way. If we cannot solve a problem by ourselves, turn to your closeand loved ones. Support and encouragement from them are important. With them, a problem becomes less of a problem and is easier to solve.

No matter what we do, problems will never matter as long as we hold a firm inner strength and determination to get things done. The result will never be far from what we have dreamed of.


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