ICT LAB Assistant System (LA)

About LA Systems

Lab activity can be considered as one of the most integral components of study to make sure that students get hands-on experiences on the subject being taught. Lab assistant system aims to provide lab assistants with an appropriate set of competencies for the subjects being involved and also provide good and efficient lab facilities.

The lab assistant system of the Faculty of ICT mainly provide 4 main components which include:

  1. Human Resources (Lab assistants)
  2. Lab rooms
  3. Software
  4. Schedule for the whole semester.

Not only students can perform lab activities under guidance of the instructor, but also the lab assistants, which are experts in the subject. The lab assistants are the technical staffs in the faculty who have been working in IT fields for many years. This is to make sure that every student in the lab is taken care and able to conduct the lab efficiently. The lab rooms, hardware, and software are allocated properly according to the lab purpose, and machine performances. Moreover, due to large amount of lab activities being performed at the same time, the lab assistant system also manages the schedule of lab usage across the whole semester.


Lab Assistant Manager

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