ICT Tutoring System

The Tutoring system is one of the four sub-systems that has been developed under the umbrella of the ICT Student Assistant System (ICT-SAS) and aims at improving students, especially in the fundamental computer subjects through tutoring sessions. These tutoring sessions are designed to consist of small-groups in an interactive environment, focusing on only the core concepts of the subjects. Although, the courses are not compulsory, it is highly recommended for those who want to improve their grades and who are having difficulties in their regular classes.

These tutoring sessions are conducted by students (i.e. tutors) who have completed each subject and have shown their capabilities in transferring their knowledge to others. Each of these tutoring courses also requires a designated tutor course coordinator who will facilitate the course by organizing the tutoring schedule, serving as a contact point of the course, monitoring the course and reporting feedback to the faculty.

All of the tutoring courses will be overseen by the tutoring system’s management team who will help to ensure that the tutoring system as a whole runs smoothly. Moreover, the team also helps to coordinate the lecturers of each subject so that the teaching content of these tutoring sessions will truly serve their purposes.

Job Descriptions

1. Tutor:

  1. Prepare and teach lessons on a weekly basis.
  2. A tutor is allowed to teach only one subject per semester.
  3. Teaching materials must coincide with the content and objectives of the current syllabus of each subject.
  4. Tutors are not allowed to complete the homework and/or any kind of assignments or projects on the behalf of the students.
  5. All tutorial sessions are conducted utilizing the English language

2. Tutor Course coordinator:

  1. Organizing tutoring schedules and ensuring the availability of time and place for assigned tutoring courses and staff
  2. Monitoring the learning experiences of students during the tutoring sessions
  3. Acting as a contact point for assigned tutoring courses

Job Descriptions

First year courses:

  1. Digital Systems
  2. Object Oriented Programming
  3. Fundamentals of Programming

Second year courses:

  1. Data Communications
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Database Management Systems

The ICT Student Assistant System (ICT-SAS)

The ICT Student Assistant System (ICT-SAS) is a comprehensive system that has been developed in order to offer assistance to ICT students. Its ultimate goal is to provide a variety of systematic channels that support ICT students throughout their studies at the Faculty of ICT. The implementation of the ICT-SAS is one of the main strategies in enabling our students to achieve their fullest potentials. Not only students will benefit from this system as an academic aid, but other non-academic issues that could affect their abilities in learning could also be effectively supported.




The ICT-SAS consists of four sub-systems which can be briefly described as:

1. Tutoring System:

  • “After-school” tutoring sessions conducted by students who are enthusiastic about the subjects
  • Work closely with the lecturers of the subject to ensure coincidental course contents
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2. Lab Assistant System:

  • To provide lab assistants with an appropriate set of competencies for the subjects involved
  • To assist instructors with the teaching and learning in the labs or coaching students in their completion of class projects
  • To maintain computer and software configuration and functions before lab time
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3. Consulting & Monitoring System:

  • Academic and non-academic guidance provided by the right people
  • Lecturer and advisory staff office hours
  • Student monitoring system
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4. Scholarship System:

  • Scholarships for students who have outstanding academic results
  • Financial support for students
  • Exchange programme with other leading universities around the world
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