How to become the MU – IR Ambassador 2019

Mr. Thanapat Jumnongrat (Palm), 2nd year student from the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol Univerisity (ICT Mahidol) was appointed to be an MU-IR Ambassadors 2019 from MU-IR Ambassadors Contest 2019, held by International Relations Division, Mahidol University (MUIR). This activity aims to select potential undergraduate students to work with the International Relations Division in the organization, which provides work experience in an international environment. The MUIR Ambassadors also serve as representatives of Mahidol University for various national and international events.

1. What is MU – IR Ambassador? What are the roles of the MU – IR Ambassador?

MU – IR Ambassador is a group of students who represents Mahidol University to work in international relations area such as taking care of foreign students, organizing international events, welcoming international guests, and attending both national and international events, conferences, competitions, and etc.

2. How did you know about the MU – IR Ambassador? What are the required qualifications?

I saw the poster from a bulletin board in the campus. The qualifications of eligible applicants for MU – IR Ambassador Contest 2019 were the following: being an undergraduate student with good command of English, being well-organized, and being able to work as a team.

3. Please share experiences, atmosphere, and benefits gained from the MU-IR Ambassador Camp 2019.

MU-IR Ambassador Camp 2019 was a 4-day activity, separated into 2 sessions: Session A, Intensive Workshop, and Session B, MUIR – Stars Camp. During the session A: Intensive Workshop (first 2 days), I learned a lot of intercultural awareness, interpersonal skills and some information about Mahidol University. The atmosphere was very comfortable, and the teachers were so friendly and open-minded. Moreover, the refreshments were so delicious!

During the session B: MUIR – Stars Camp (3rd – 4th day), all MU – IR Ambassador were given opportunities to teach English and to do some activities with elementary students at Ban Ton Mamuang Border Patrol Police School, Kanchanaburi Province. This session was a part of SDG (Education). At first I felt a little bit tired, but after seeing that the children were having fun, I was relieved and very happy. I personally loved this activity. Even though there were some mistakes during the activity, the staff from IR Division were always pleased to help us.

At the end of the 4-day activity, there was an activity held by MU-IR ambassador seniors, however, I won’t be going through details. If you want to know more details, and gain new experiences like me, join this activity!

4. Why did you join this activity?

I wanted to collect much experience including education, friends, and activities during my 1st year. I know this activity could help me with that.

5. How did you prepare to join this activity?

I didn’t prepare much; it was like I was making up my mind for new adventures instead. In addition, what I would like to suggest to those who want to be a part of MU – IR Ambassador family, is to prepare their English skills.

6. Was it hard to get accepted as an MU – IR Ambassador?

No, it wasn’t. The committees didn’t focus much on your application form or CV. Instead, they prioritized your attitude; if you are open-minded, love learning new things and have a good command of English, the MU – IR Ambassador is just around the corner!

7. What would you like to recommend to those juniors who want to be MU – IR Ambassadors?

Being a part of MU – IR Ambassador family will definitely make your university life more awesome. Hard skills can be learned through courses. However, being an MU – IR Ambassador is a great way to improve your soft skills.