Interview: Mr. Akkasit Trungkanon, ICT Mahidol Alumnus, Batch #1

Currently, communication and learning through online platforms has rapidly gained a lot of popularity, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Educational systems worldwide have been shifted to online platforms. At the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University, we have an alumnus who is running his own start-up company related to online e-Learning platform services, Course Square Co., Ltd. Here we talked to Mr. Akkasit Trungkanon (P’Ben), alumnus, batch #1 (Computer Science) about his experiences in studying at our Faculty of ICT, and some interesting work ideas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s check it out!

Why did you choose to study at the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University?

Back then, it was my parents who first found this Faculty; they saw the admission advertisement on the newspaper, and they told me to apply for this program. They said this program is interesting and the University is near to our house. In addition, I personally had an interest in computers. With all those reasons I decided to study here.

What was the studying atmosphere at the Faculty of ICT? What were the things that impressed you the most while studying at ICT Mahidol?

At that time, there weren’t as many students as what we have in the present. Therefore, I was close with all friends in my batch, my juniors, as well as the instructors. The atmosphere was quite friendly and not competitive. We tended to help each other as much as we could.

The thing that impressed me the most was my relationship with my friends, juniors, and instructors. We shared a lot of good memories together. The bond that we had back then impressed me the most.

Could you tell us what your work is related to?

After I graduated, I have only worked in IT field. Currently, I still work in IT field, as a CTO at Course Square Co., Ltd. My seniors, juniors, friends and I run this company together. It is related to online e-Learning platform services. My main responsibility is developing applications in response to the need of customers.

As the COVID-19 situation, many institutes have shifted their education to online platforms. Could you please share some experiences working at Course Square which is related to e-learning platform?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I rarely go to the office, yet it does not affect my work that much because in IT related work, we can work remotely anywhere and anytime as long as our system is effective enough. In addition, I always set a clear timeline of every stage of my work in order that I can accomplish all of them in time. I always have an exact plan of when to release a particular feature to response to the customers’ needs.

How can you apply the acquired knowledge from ICT Maidol to your work?

After I graduated, I have worked in IT field and have always applied the knowledge acquired from ICT Mahidol to my daily work. Actually, the program rather focused on broad and conceptual knowledge of ICT, therefore I have to learn a little more when it comes to the actual work. However, with the strong foundation that ICT Mahidol has laid for me, I am able to understand new concepts easier and faster.

Another thing I’ve learned here is working hard as there were a lot of assignments back then during my 3rd – 4th year. After I’ve gone through that hard time, I can do hard work comfortably. Now, I still have to work really hard on my career path.

When you feel desperate / encounter problems, how do you handle it?

When I feel tired or desperate, I will think about my goal and realize how hard I’ve dedicated myself until now. That helps me increase my positive energy. Although I still have not passed that struggle, I will be patient and always believe that I will be able to go through it real soon. Life is not that hard, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Just look forward for a little step further each time, that will help you feel much relieved.

Finally, what would you like to recommend to prospective students who want to join ICT program and current juniors at ICT Mahidol?

 The highlight of the Faculty of ICT is the positive environment and friendships. Although we graduated many years ago, we still keep in touch and always help each other. In academic perspective, ICT subjects are broad and more of conceptual rather than practical. At the very beginning, you might feel that you have no idea about it. However, when you enter the real-world job, you will find out that almost every IT related jobs require your fundamental knowledge learned from ICT Mahidol. These fundamental concepts became really handy for me.

For students who are looking to study in IT field, I’d like to recommend ICT Mahidol, especially if you want to study in the Computer Science track. The instructors are very skillful and competent. And for those who are studying at ICT Mahidol right now, of course, you might have subjects that you like and some that you dislike. However, I’d recommend you to explore yourself of what subjects or field would you like to go for, and try to find the right track for yourself as soon as you can. Currently, there are various kinds of IT related jobs, it would be great if you can know what you like best so that you can prepare yourself in advance. The sooner you understand yourself, the better your life will be.