ICT Mahidol Student “It’s Not Too Hard to Become an Outstanding and Ethical IT Student”

Last October 2020, Miss Chanikan Chantananukul or Jenny, a fourth-year student in the Software Engineering track, Student President and a Committee Member of the Student Association of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Mahidol University, won an award with an Honorary plaque for the “Outstanding and Ethical IT Student” in academic year 2019 in The International Conference on Information Technology (InCIT2019) and The National Conference on Information Technology (NCIT2019) organized by The Association of Council of IT Deans (CITT).

Such award is granted to a student who exhibits five good characteristics in aspects of education, work and management skill, health, ethical and moral behaviors, and conservation of arts, culture, and environment.

The ICT Spotlight team did an interview with Jenny on how she managed to win this award. In addition, the interview includes her way of life, time management for studying and doing activities, and her ideas on how to apply knowledge not only for the exams but for the future life as well. Let’s check it out!

What is this award about?

This award is called the “Outstanding and Ethical IT Student”. It is granted to student university representatives in the field of Information Technology. Important students’ qualifications include sacrificing, management skills, working with others, visibility, and academic performance.

In your opinion, what are the qualifications of students who won this “Outstanding and Ethical IT Student” award?

The word “Moral”, “Ethical”, and “Outstanding” are very abstract concepts that it’s very difficult to concisely describe the exact qualifications for this award. In my point of view, the “qualifications” can be seen in two aspects; having good thoughts, and good behavior as a result of these good thoughts. We may not be an outstanding person, but we should be a person who regularly does good behavior so that other people can perceive and feel our good thoughts. Those with these qualifications will be suited to receive the award called “Outstanding Moral and Ethical”.

Please tell us about your way of life and your studies. How did you get this award?

I started my university life when I was studying the preparatory course during the summer break right before my first year in the university. At that time, I wondered how I could be “The Best Version” of a University student, so I tried my best to be the best university student. I have learned that this idea is called the Growth Mindset, which is the concept of developing, being eager to learn, adapting, and believing that we can improve ourselves.

I started with really paying a lot of attention to my every class, so the result of the Preparatory Course turned out to be as good as I’d expected. I can do things that I used to think I cannot do. In the past, I was so shy to speak English in front of many people because I lacked confidence, but after the course, I could confidently speak English in front of many people. I felt like I’ve grown more confident that I can just do it. After that, I tried everything I thought I could never do. “Try to step out of our own comfort zone in order to make our comfort zone expand”. One of the most important events for me was when I became the Student President that changed my life from being an ordinary student to someone who has the opportunity to do many different things. Finally, I tried to be “The Best Version” of Myself every day.

For studying, as I always do a lot of activities, I really need to focus on managing my time. I believe that there is nothing I cannot do if I spend enough time on it. I always study hard even if it is so difficult or there is a lot of workload. I always try to spend as much time studying as possible. I also have the duty of the Student President, so I have to manage my time taking care of student activities, studying, reviewing, as well as understanding all our lessons in class so that I can pass all my exams and apply those knowledges later in life.

Please tell us your impression when you joined the award presentation ceremony

My first impression was that the ceremony was so much better than what I expected. I thought it would be like a normal certificate presentation ceremony, but instead it was a very good one. The event was held in Bang Saen, Chonburi, which has a very nice atmosphere. I felt like I went there to travel and relax. Moreover, there were activities organized by students of the Faculty of IT, Burapha University. It was very fun, everyone was so nice, and I met a lot of new friends.

My next impression is during the award presentation ceremony. The award presentation ceremony was done in a very friendly atmosphere; held during dinner, accompanied with some performances shows.

Finally, the Honorary Plaque award that I received was very impressive. I was so surprised when I knew that I would receive an Honorary Plaque that evening. At that time, I felt that it was a really big prize and I was really proud to receive it. It was a great opportunity and I felt really fortunate to be there. Everything that night gave me pleasant memories.

Do you have a motto or is there anything you would like to tell your friends and juniors who would like to receive the same award?

The idea that I want to tell people the most is that “Positive mindset leads to positive actions”. I would like everyone to think that, what if they received this award; what would this award mean to them and what way of life they must have to deserve it? “It’s now or never” is another important concept for me. Being selected as a representative of the Faculty was the result of my accumulated effort over some time. My suggestion is to start from today, do what you want, seize every opportunity that comes into you. Life in the university is very short and opportunities don’t come so often. You should try to do things that you think are good for you every day of your life. I want you to think of others the same way as you care about yourself. If you have the right idea and you act on it, this award will become an opportunity that you might receive as well.