ICT Mahidol organized the “Online MUICT Open House 2021”

During 5 – 6 November 2021, the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), led by students, instructors, and staff, organized the “MUICT Open House 2021” under the theme, “DIGITOWN” via online platforms: Virtual Visit and ICT Talk Gather Town.

For a month, ICT Mahidol has organized many activities under the “MUICT Open House 2021” event such as “Live session: Let’s get to know MUICT 8 tracks”, “Internship Interview”, “Facebook Live: Roam Around the DIGITOWN”, “Talking with ICT Presenters”, “Student Poster Exhibition”, etc. The objectives of these activities were to give more information about ICT Mahidol to all prospective high school students who participated in this event, as well as provide them an opportunity to meet and greet with ICT Mahidol seniors.

For those who are interested in joining the event, please register at: https://openhouse.mahidol.ac.th/, or please visit: https://www.facebook.com/muictopenhouse  for more details.