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ICT Mahidol student won “Interactive Third Place” from the “World Data Visualization Prize 2023 Competition”

The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology at Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol) offers its sincerest congratulations to Mr. Thanapat Jumnongrat, 4th year ICT Program student, and Mr. Supawich Orian, an alumnus of Chulalongkorn University whose work, “Sustainability Cosmos” won the “Interactive Third Place” and 2,500 USD from “The World Data Visualization Prize 2023 Competition”, organized by the World Government Summit Organization in partnership with Information is Beautiful on 17th February 2023.

The “Sustainability Cosmos”is an interactive dashboard that uses Machine Learning Algorithm and vivid colors to visualize the sustainability performance of countries based on human, health, environmental, economic, and political conditions. Toggle between different modes to uncover interesting patterns about the current state of our world. For more information of this work, please visit: https://palminister.github.io/sustainability-cosmos/

The “World Data Visualization Prize 2023 Competition” is a creative data challenge where the contestants showcase their creative, intuitive data-visualizations that tell a story or reveal something interesting about the data. This year, it came with the theme, “Championing the power of data-visualization to inspire new ways of thinking and seeing the world”, with around 400 longlisted works.