3. Waste การจัดการของเสียในส่วนงาน

The Faculty of ICT is one of the first faculties that took actions in areas of waste management. Organic wastes are disposed at the designated disposal area by the university outside the faculty. Since the establishment of the faculty, several projects were conducted in order to support waste management initiative:

1. Recycling program: Several areas of the faculty of ICT are installed with different colors of trash bins in order to help classify garbage. The bin categories include 1. Recyclable plastic waste, 2. Recyclable paper waste, 3. Recyclable metal can waste, and 4. General waste.

2. Paperless Service: Many student and staff services provided by the faculty are transformed into electronic services in order to reduce paper waste and increase efficiency. Notable services include:

Print quota purchase
Change password request
Knowledge Sharing and Management (eWorkplace)
Lab computer reservation
Green/Electronic meeting

3. Trash bin everywhere: Trash bins are provided every floor and every section of the building to make sure that all garbage go to the trash bin to protect the environment and help building cleaners in cleaning services. Garbage is also collected 4 times a day in a timely manner to prevent the build-up of bacteria and bad smell.


3.1 โครงการรณรงค์การรีไซเคิลขยะ

Storage for Recyclable Waste

Three Different Colors for Classifying Garbage Bins


Waste Sorting in the Faculty


Awards Granted from the Mahidol University R2R EXPO'14



3.2 การบำบัดขยะมีพิษรวมถึงการคัดแยกและส่งให้บริษัทที่มีการรับรองการจัดการขยะมีพิษกำจัด


Donation for Used Batteries



3.3 มีการบำบัดขยะอินทรีย์


3.4 การกำจัดขยะอนินทรีย์


3.5 การปล่อยน้ำเสีย


3.6 มีนโยบายการลดใช้กระดาษและพลาสติกในวิทยาเขต