AphasiaTalk Application


Aphasia patients have disabilities in the communication and it greatly affects their daily life activities. It also makes their quality of life and social skills not good as it should be. Thus, we need to develop a tool that helps Aphasia patients improve their communication skills and the quality of life. Our application supports both Thai and English, and contains the emergency button for patients who need an urgent help. The main activities as well as principal emotions and feelings happened in daily life are also covered. Moreover, patients can communicate with others by drawing text or pictures on a board. Our application also records the historical usage of patients and computes the usage statistics.


To develop an application to help Aphasia patients effectively communicate with other people for daily life’s activities

Locale of Study:

Aphasia patients in Thailand

Project Duration:

2016 – 2020

Project Results:

AphasiaTalk application on both mobile and tablet


Faculty of Information and Communication Technolgy and Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodhi Hospital

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