Invitation for ICT students to participate in the
"ICT Mahidol Mascot Contest"
Submission Period: Today - February 29, 2024
Prizes: 1st Place 10,000 Baht


Submit your work with attached files by uploading them to Google Drive and sending the Google link to email: Please name the files and email subject as “Mascot Contest_Name-Last Name”. The files to be submitted include:

  • RAW format (e.g., .psd, .ai, or other program formats used)
  • Exported image file in .jpg or .png format, size 2080×2080 px, resolution: 200 dpi
  • Brief description of the origin, inspiration, and meaning of the designed mascot
  • The mascot should reflect the identity of the Faculty of ICT and be easily memorable.
  • The mascot can be freely designed, whichever shape is allowed such as a person, animal, object, etc. The artwork must include perspectives from all four angles: front, back, left, and right, and depict at least 4 different poses, such as standing, walking, sitting, lying down, etc.
  • The mascot’s name should have meaning, accompanied by a brief description of inspiration, content, or relevant design stories.
  • The main colors of the Faculty of ICT must be included:
    • Oceanic Green (HEX: #006C6C, RGB Code: R = 0, G = 108, B = 108, CMYK Code: C = 89, M = 40, Y = 54, K = 18)
    • Cream (HEX: #FFFFC9, RGB Code: R = 255, G = 255, B = 201, CMYK Code: C = 2, M = 0, Y = 25, K = 0)
  • Participants must provide their name, program of study, year, student ID, phone number, and email on their artworks.
  • Design tools limited to computer programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or 3D. AI-generated content is not allowed.
  • Each participant can submit only one entry.
  • The submitted mascot design must be an original work, not a duplicated or modified design, and should not have been used for any other purposes. It must not include any copied elements from the works of others, violate copyrights, or break any laws. The artwork should not have been previously published or awarded; if discovered, the competition committee reserves the right to disqualify immediately.
  • The content of the mascot design must not touch upon political issues, cause conflicts, insult national institutions, religions, the monarchy, use offensive language, or create social disharmony. It must not affect international relations, infringe on cultural customs, traditions, or morality.
  • Languages used for work presentation can be in either Thai or English.
  • The judging committee’s decision is final, and only one winning design will be selected for use as the official mascot for the Faculty of ICT. The winning design will be featured in various publicity materials of the faculty. The results announcement will be made by April 2024. The rights to the awarded mascot design belong to the Faculty of ICT. The faculty is authorized to disseminate and promote it through various channels. Additionally, the faculty is permitted to modify the design to better meet future usage requirements.
  • Creativity and Design Concept (40 points):
    • Creativity, design concept, and meaningful presentation format that reflects the identity of the Faculty of ICT and is easily understood and memorable.
  • Functionality (30 points):
    • Suitability and feasibility of using the mascot in real-world applications for various publicity media, both in image file format and for creating mascot costumes for practical use.
  • Design Aesthetic (30 points):
    • Beauty and modernity of the design
    • Appropriateness of patterns
    • Color selection
    • Composition of elements
    • Overall design cohesion
      *Note: the decision of the judging committee is final.
  • Organizational Communications Department (ICT Building, 1st floor)
  • Line Official Account: @ictmahidol