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An alumnus of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 14

During my study life at ICT Mahidol, I learned many new things which all greatly enrich my technical skills as well as interpersonal skills. The learning system at ICT Mahidol focuses on project-based experiences. We collaboratively worked with a team to solve some challenging problems based on the real-world situation using innovative technology. My instructors always support and give valuable suggestions. Besides the academic knowledge, I had done several extracurricular activities that enhanced my management, problem-solving, and communication skills. ICT Mahidol also provided a lot of opportunities for me, including student internship for both Thailand and abroad, various competition, useful facilities (e.g. working space), and generous assistance from the staff. The wonderful experience at ICT Mahidol made me grow up and encouraged me to contribute my knowledge to the society.

Miss Waralee Tanaphantaruk, System Analyst, Bank of Thailand
An alumna of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 14

It is undeniable that none of us is 100% ready to work right after graduation. For me, studying here at the Faculty of ICT has prepared me to be ready in learning new things at work. Many courses provided by ICT are very crucial for my current work; such as Network, Database and Programming. Indeed, the program curriculum offers wide knowledge of various disciplines in IT, which helps equip students with all essential knowledge needed in IT career path.

Apart from academic knowledge, I have gained a lot of beneficial soft skills, such as adjusting myself to new environment, self-learning, analyzing and solving problems, working as a team, and communicating among team members, especially in English which is very important nowadays.

Miss Supatsara Rodratsa, Associate Full Stack Developer, IBM Thailand
An alumna of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 14

Almost a year after my graduation from the Faculty of ICT, I realized that the knowledge I have acquired during my study here can be applied to my work in various aspects. Back then, at my first year of study, the Faculty laid me with foundation subjects in computing, such as Basic C and Java Programming. Several people might think that these computer languages are outdated, but in my opinion, Java helps me a lot in learning new concept, especially Object-oriented programming (OOP) which is currently very popular. Moreover, I believe that if we have a strong foundation in Java, studying a new computer language or any brand-new framework will not be that difficult anymore.

In addition, the Faculty of ICT usually encourages business learning. I admitted that back then, I did not realize its importance that much. I thought that coding was all I needed to focus on. Nevertheless, in our work, if we have strong understanding of business, we will be able to understand customers’ requirements and be able to response to their needs more effectively.

Apart from academic aspect, other learning opportunities were constantly offered to me throughout my 4 years of studying at the Faculty of ICT. Every year, the Faculty offers many interesting activities to students including internship abroad (Japan, Taiwan, Germany, etc.), IT competition, operational training and so on.

Finally, learning inside the classroom may not be enough in this rapidly changing world, the most important thing is we need to open our minds and grab opportunities as much as we can, as well as always be eager to learn new things and develop ourselves all the time. These will help us attain more success in the future.

Miss Natnicha Onwong, Data Management Analyst, Bank of Thailand
An alumna of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 14

During my time at the Faculty of ICT, I learned about various and broad knowledge of ICT which led me to understand the whole concept and be able to apply it to my daily work. Many of the courses provided by the Faculty are very essential and beneficial for me in doing my current job. For example, Database and Data Mining & Data Warehouse courses taught me how to analyze data efficiently.

At work, there might be some challenging tasks in which the knowledge or things I have learned from the university cannot be 100% used, however, I am able to adapt myself to it. As I have mentioned before, the Faculty of ICT equipped students with knowledge to understand the whole concept of ICT, therefore, it is very easy for us to understand new knowledge or concept at work.

Furthermore, I had opportunities to attend many activities during my time at the Faculty of ICT such as Salaya Tour and MUICT Open House. Those activities helped me develop my soft skills including working as a team, planning, as well as coordinating with classmates, outsiders, the Faculty’s staff and instructors. Having gone through all these experiences, I can cope with my work efficiently.   

Along the way, I have established good friendships with many people around me including friends, teachers, and staff. I got closer with many classmates through conducting group works and/or projects together. Also, the staff here are very generous. They are like students’ babysitters who always take care of us in various aspects. Moreover, the teachers not only taught us about ICT subject matters but also lessons on life. Here at ICT Mahidol, all courses are taught in English, and sometimes it quite hard for me and some friends to fully understand all the context or contents. But the teachers were always willing to give us extra help upon our request. We really appreciate that. Lastly, studying at the Faculty of ICT is one of the most valuable decision of my life. If I had to choose where to study again, I would still choose ICT Mahidol.

An alumnus of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 14

Throughout my four years at the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University, I have learned extensive knowledge.  During the first semester of our 1st to the 3rd year at the Faculty, broad foundation of ICT is being laid to us, and gradually expose us to more intense subjects. Then, the students were required to choose their major tracks during semester 2 of the 3rd year. I think this format helps students discover what they’re really interested in before they choose their major track. Back then, I personally did not like coding that much, however, there were two subjects I really enjoyed studying: Introduction to E-Business and Introduction to Management Information Systems. Therefore, I decided to choose MS (Management Information Systems) as my major track.

Nonetheless, this kind of curriculum also has its own drawbacks. Students need to study all things related to IT first, then go through specialized content later. Sometimes, this can cause difficulties and disorientation to some students who cannot keep up with the courses. It happened to me as well. At that time, many questions popped into my mind like, “Why do we need to study this? Why can’t I understand anything? Why do we have a lot of assignments? And so on.” However, I tried so hard to improve myself. Coupled with friends and seniors taking good care of me, as well as the instructors and staff that helped me a lot, I finally overcame the hard times.

In addition, there were many areas in which the Faculty cannot support the students well, i.e. some areas in the Faculty are not suitable for working or studying and some facilities are outdated. On the other hand, the Faculty has been constantly developing for the students as well.

Personally, I like the way that we could practice hands-on learning during our classes. Working as a team helped me in many aspects such as analyzing, planning, solving problems and presentation skills. However, there were some disadvantages as well, i.e. students were overworked because of high workloads. My friends and I tried so hard to get through it (struggling).

Another thing I got from this Faculty was “opportunities”. The Faculty always offers many opportunities and holds activities for us such as competition, self-development activities, and annual Job & Education Fair. Most of us got our jobs, even before our graduation (semester 2) because of the Job and Education fair held by the faculty of ICT. Most students grabbed the opportunities as they did not often come along.

For my working life, as I’ve learned all fundamental knowledge related to IT from ICT Mahidol, some of them can be applied right away to my current job. However, it is undeniable that there is also some knowledge used at work that I have never learned before as well. In my opinion, the fundamental concepts learned from ICT Mahidol became very useful for me in catching up with the new one. It also helps me learn faster than others. Furthermore, the soft skills acquired from ICT Mahidol can also be easily adapted to my work. However, please also keep in mind that different positions or companies require different skills. This is just my point of view.

Finally, I believe that every faculty has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to find yourself, want to do various things and strengthen yourself (Here you need to do projects while studying), I believe that ICT Mahidol is one of the best choices.

An alumnus of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 9

Hello, I am Mr. Nutchanon Phongoen, an alumnus of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 9. I graduated in 2014 and I’m currently working as a Technical Consultant at Beryl8. Beryl8 provides consulting in terms of business and developing IT systems to enhance and increase the efficiency of clients’ organizations from SMEs up to the Enterprise level. Beryl8 has many projects with companies and organizations in Thailand such as Siam Commercial Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Krungsri Bank, Thai Airways, PTT, and many other leading organizations. My responsibilities include developing IT systems that meet customer’s needs, as well as offering the Best Practice of both technology and business aspects for customers in every project.

I would like to share my experiences as a graduate of ICT Mahidol in terms of the curriculum, teaching and learning, instructors and support staff, and all the benefits I gained from ICT Mahidol that helped me in my profession. All information and experiences that I am going to tell you are from my own perspective from 5 years ago. As of the date I wrote this article, the current curriculum as well as teaching and learning at ICT Mahidol may have already been changed with more improvements.


Let’s get started by understanding what we can learn at ICT MAHIDOL?

The full name of ICT is the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, which is very broad as ICT Mahidol is initiated from the Computer Science Program of the Faculty of Science. When talking about computer science, students will learn about programming, algorithms, and other computer-related mathematical and scientific knowledge. In ICT, students will learn more knowledge which includes business management, computer network and telecommunications. The Faculty of ICT has divided its majors or tracks into 8 tracks, for students to choose according to their interests, aptitudes, or preferences as follows:

  1. Computer Science – in-depth study about computers; such as algorithms. In this track, students will learn how to solve computer problems wisely, quickly, efficiently as well as be able to write mathematical equations. Embedded Programming is another subject they will learn. Students will learn coding with devices that can create the Internet of Things.
  2. Computer Networks – in-depth study about networks; communication between computers via internet and cyber security.
  3. Database and Intelligent Systems –students who prefer database can learn about it more deeply from this track. They will also learn about data science and artificial intelligence here.
  4. Software Engineering –this track focuses on developing software efficiently using various methodologies to create documents used in software development process.
  5. E-Business Systems –this track teaches students to apply IT knowledge and make it useful to businesses. Students will have opportunities to initiate new startups using technology as well as learn various business aspects by starting one as well as keeping the business sustainable.
  6. Management Information Systems –students will learn about managing information systems; understanding business organizations in terms of IT and business process in order to bring technology and improve the business.
  7. Multimedia Systems –focuses on using computer knowledge in creating graphic and medias such as animations or visualizations.
  8. Health Information Technology –in-depth study of information management, which requires specific IT knowledge, in hospital systems or public health.

ICT Mahidol has 8 different tracks for students to choose. Choosing track starts during the second semester of the students’ third year of study. During the first semester, students will learn the basics and introduction of each track, this will help them understand each specification so that they can decide which track they want to choose.

Another thing that I must mention is that ICT Mahidol is an international program. All teaching and learning, content, media, and conversation with instructors both in class and outside the classrooms are in English.  It is known that in ICT Mahidol, instructors will not talk to students in Thai at all, except maybe after working hours. This helps students practice their English, which is a very important skill to have.


What did I gain from ICT Mahidol?

ICT Mahidol curriculum is very challenging for students. From my experiences, studying here was not easy. There were challenging assignments, projects, as well as broad knowledge to learn, all of which are very useful and applicable for work. These produced qualified graduates.
The strengths and benefits I gained from ICT Mahidol are as follows:

  1. English and communication skills. This Faculty really focuses on using English in communicating, as I’ve already mentioned above. To be able to graduate from ICT Mahidol, you must pass the English Exit Exam test, an English Proficiency skill testing criterion set by the Faculty. Students can choose to take this test at the Faculty, or submit a TOEIC score, or any other test scores accepted by the Faculty. These English test scores can be used for job applications too. Public Speaking is one of the most useful subjects in my opinion. This subject teaches students how to speak in public, including presentations and pitching skills. Moreover, the Business Writing subject teaches writing skills for communication in business or job environments, such as how to write emails in English in an easy, communicative, and polite way.
  2. Business Mindset. As an IT Consultant, I must deal and apply business knowledge in my work. The Faculty has given me an advantage in this area, which is very important in IT or Non-IT professions because any work we do will usually relate to business. ICT Mahidol teaches students knowledge about business processes and also lets students analyze interesting case studies of successful businesses.
  3. Learning Opportunities ICT Mahidol provides special opportunities for students by initiating collaboration between ICT Mahidol and universities or institutes in many countries in order to send interested students as an exchange student abroad or conduct co-research works or projects. While I was studying, I had an opportunity to work with Liverpool John Moores in England, Nara Institute of Science and Technology in Japan, and many other more. These opportunities are considered as very good chances for students to open their world and gain experiences. Opportunities like this are rare. These are possible because of the connection and MOU’s between ICT Mahidol and institutes in other countries. Apart from the opportunities abroad, there is another opportunity to work with Thai organizations during the Senior Project. For example, my Senior Project was a cooperative work between ICT Mahidol and the Research Center of the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital. The project aimed to create a software that can analyze DNA from the biopsy of cancer patients. This is regarded as a chance for students to apply their knowledge in real situations in the real world. Many Senior Projects are not just Projects done for graduation, but they are useful and applicable for future development.
  4. Job Opportunities Before every graduation, ICT Mahidol organizes a Job Fair for all students. This fair gathers many companies requiring IT careers and looking for job applications. It can be said that the Faculty helps students prepare for the future at the Faculty right away. Most of the 4th year students were already accepted by different companies before they even officially graduated. With lots of networks and connections in the IT industry and through ICT Mahidol alumnus, no matter which IT company you go, you might also find some ICT Mahidol alumni working there.
  5. Technologies We have to agree that technologies are rapidly changing. ICT Mahidol is also continually trying to update their knowledge about new technologies for students. ICT Mahidol also support students who want to learn new things, for example, if students would like to conduct a project about Kinect, which is a line of motion sensing input devices, they can request the Faculty to support purchasing this equipment for the project, or if students need to use more competent computer hardware, they can also ask the Faculty for support. Knowledge that I have learned from ICT Mahidol at that time is shown below:
  • Programming Skill: Fundamental (C), Object Oriented Programming (Java),
    Web Programming
  • Computer Architecture
  • Operating System
  • Compiler
  • Computer Network Technology: 1G-5G, WiFi Standard, Computer Security
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: Regression, Neural Network, Clustering, Classification
  • IoT or Embeded Programming

Many of the topics mentioned above are not currently out of date, but at that time, some of them are still just theories. Today they are being used everywhere. Some contents that I’ve learned before are not currently being used because the technology has already changed into something new. Students themselves should realize this and should be aware of continually updating their knowledge as well. ICT Mahidol puts a lot of effort in updating their students with the latest technologies as well as laying foundations of either concepts or mindsets for students to be ready for further education when technology changes again.

These were my experiences while being a student at ICT Mahidol. In my point of view, I consider myself successful by graduating from ICT Mahidol. I currently have a good job and I can apply many aspects of knowledge I’ve learned into my work. I can also easily learn more knowledge myself because of the foundation that ICT taught me. I think I am very fortunate and that I made the right decision to study at ICT Mahidol.ครับ

An alumnus of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 7

Before I studied at the Faculty of ICT, I had no any IT or programming knowledge at all. The Faculty of ICT granted me 4 whole years of study. The Faculty taught me how to write my first code until I was able to develop programs/applications on my own. Also, the Faculty of ICT provided me with opportunities to compete in various projects, some of which I won prizes. I feel very fortunate to be able to study at this Faculty as I got to know a lot of good friends, seniors, and instructors. Currently, I have a good job and owns a company.

An alumnus of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 6

In 2008, before taking the entrance examination, I was just a boy who did not have any dreams like others. Some of my friends had goals to get into the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, or other famous faculties of different fields of study. Finally, I had an idea that because I like playing computer games, then I thought I should work in computer-related fields; I thought that I would be able to spend my days working the same as I played computer games.  Also, I used to learn C programming while I was in Mathayom and I loved it. So, I decided to study Computer Science. Moreover, I was thinking of life after graduation on how I could get a job competing with a long waiting list of graduates in the labor market. I thought I have to find an advantage to increase my chances and to be more competitive, so I chose studying in an international program to at least I could find a job in an international company after graduation. That’s why I chose ICT MAHIDOL.


How did I feel while studying at ICT MAHIDOL?

When I got in and paid the tuition fee, I felt that it was quite expensive as I didn’t receive any scholarship. The first thing I did was ask the Faculty about any scholarship offers for students. The answer was “Yes”, the Faculty provides scholarships for students as long as their academic performance meets the criteria. I paid a lot of attention to my studies and finally the faculty granted me a 4-year scholarship until graduation.

For the course content, I admit that studying at the Faculty of ICT was quite tough for me because it was something that I’ve never learned before and the content covered many aspects. Moreover, all courses were taught in English. During the second semester of my third-year, selecting a major track was so stressful for me as I did not know which track I prefer as I didn’t have a favorite one yet.  However, when looking at the courses, the faculty had already laid the foundation for each track. This allowed me to choose a field that I can focus later on. I started to eliminate the tracks I like the least first and then finally I chose Electronic Business Systems because I started to plan of either opening my own company or working as a Business Analyst. I believed that computers are not useful alone, learning how to use them to solve business problems is worthy.

For activities and competitions, I recognized that when I was admitted in the Faculty, so many things were still not very favorable because at that time the Faculty had just opened for about 6 years.
But when my friends invited me to join in various competitions, I finally was able to ask the instructors for support. That was a foundation that paved the way for junior students who may be interested in the same competitions in the future.

For socializing, because the courses in the Faculty of ICT were not co-studying courses with other faculties, the chances to get to know some other friends from different faculties are less compared with the co-studying MUGE subjects. So, most of my friends are from the Faculty of ICT. However, this was easily resolved by attending various activities organized by the university, where I had opportunities to meet friends from other faculties.


How do you feel after graduation?

Of course I was proud of myself that I was able to overcome obstacles and graduate. I realized the benefits of the various subjects that the Faculty of ICT provided to us. We have an advantage because of the fundamentals in various fields taught to us by our instructors. Even though that knowledge might not be applicable to work right away, but since we had good foundations, learning more is not too difficult at all. In addition, language skills are important when applying for a job. Some juniors at work, who graduated from another university, could not apply for a job in an international company because they could not speak English fluently. So, they need to study more English in order to get a job in an international company. Therefore, I think that I made the right decision when I took the opportunity to study at ICT Mahidol.

An alumnus of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 2

Hi, I am Kitti Orpiphattana, ICT Mahidol Batch 2, majored in Database and Intelligent Systems (DB) Track. I used to work as a Programmer, Software Tester, and IT Management Consultant. Now, I am holding a position of Head of Strategy & Corporate Function at Krungsri Nimble, Co., Ltd. Having gotten to this point, I have to very much thank ICT Mahidol for teaching me fundamental knowledge and core knowledge in technology. During our time in ICT Mahidol, it was good that I studied about various fields instead of specializing in one. At that time, I still could not answer to myself what was it exactly I liked; whether I proceeded further study, worked or even in what field I wanted to work. But because I have broad and core knowledge from our ICT program, I had the chance to work in various fields in technology that requires me to learn new technology in limited time. Studying in the computer field helped me develop logical thinking skills that can help me sort out and solve problems systematically, which is very important in supervisory level jobs. I can honestly say that if I had not studied at ICT Mahidol, I would not have made it here today.

ICT Mahidol now produces IT workforce for national and regional leading organizations in a number of business fields. Every time we meet some alumni during the ICT Mahidol Alumni Association activities, we always exchange knowledge and help each other. Even though we’ve already graduated, the instructors are still nice to us and always give us good ideas, life advice or knowledge every time we come to visit ICT Mahidol.

An alumnus of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 1

I have very positive experience with ICT Mahidol. Academically speaking, ICT subjects are broad and more of conceptual rather than practical. It seems that you have no idea what and how you can apply your knowledge in the real world job. But a couple of years later, you’ll find out that almost every IT related jobs require your fundamental knowledge learned from ICT Mahidol. These fundamental concepts became really handy for me in catching up with new technology in this fast paced industry. Beside the academic perspective, I find that people here: including instructors, faculty staff, and college friends, are really nice and supportive. They taught me in-and-out of the classroom and we shared a lot of good memories together. This bonding is very impressive for me.

An alumnus of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), Batch 1

Before studying at ICT Mahidol, I enjoyed surfing the internet for web boards and playing games. The internet at that time was 64K costing 3 Baht per time to connect to the internet. I browsed the internet almost every day. That inspired me to study computers and decided to study at ICT Mahidol.

While studying, I studied Fundamental Science, Mathematics, Software Design, Digital Design, Data Structure, Algorithm, Cyber Security, Compiler, Computer Network, etc. Personally, I like Computer Architecture the most because this subject taught me the origin, Computer System Design, Communication Protocol, and the TCP/IP which we still use these days.

I graduated 13 years ago. The knowledge I have gained was like the foundation that helped me understand new technologies. With a good foundation, I enjoy working and doing my own business in this field.

I would like to sincerely thank all instructors and ICT Mahidol support team for passing on their knowledge, paying strict attention, and providing good experiences to me. I believe that when you have a chance to study at ICT Mahidol, you study hard, keep an open mind, and gain knowledge as much as you can, then you will surely be successful.