Danone Internship Program 2021 (Dumex)

Danone Internship Program 2021 (Dumex) Internship period: 1 Jun – 31 Jul 2021 Application starts from May 1 onwards! Any further questions, pleas feel free to contact: (1)   Ms. Sawitree Janoi, Tel: 085-484-7225, Email: Sawitree.jainoi@danone.com (2)   Mr. Achawee Kasemsukabhumi, Tel: 082-326-3504, Email: Achawee.Kasemsukabhumi@danone.com

BLS Intern Camp 2021!!

BLS Intern Camp 2021!! Looking for students who are interested in these following areas: Investment Advisory Digital marketing and PR Financial Technology Application Period: 1 – 30 April 2021 Result Announcement: 1 May 2021 Internship Period: 14 Jun – 23 Jul 2021 Scan the QR code below to apply!!

2021 Long-term Internship Senior Project

Long-term Internship Senior Project provides opportunities for 3rd year students who are interested in conducting their senior projects under supervision of both an ICT Mahidol instructor and advisors from leading IT companies in Thailand. Through this program, the students will learn how to analyze and solve real problems in the digital…