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ICT Mahidol held a workshop on “Data Science Flexible Training Program”

On April 19, 2023 – the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT Mahidol), held a workshop on “Data Science Flexible Training Program” for instructors and students in Room A2, the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University, Salaya, as well as online via the Webex Meetings. On this occasion, Dr. Tipajin Thaipisutikul, Assistant Dean for Academic Services and Technology Transfer, gave a welcome speech to all participants. In addition, Dr. Akara Supratak, instructor, served as the guest speaker who shared his knowledge about data science. Topics covered included techniques for managing input files, such as CSV files, functions and features of the Python language commonly used in Data Science, and filtering data from Data Frame structures for cleaning and processing.

The “Data Science Flexible Training Program” was a collaboration between Data Train, the University of Bremen Research Alliance, and the Mahidol University Artificial Intelligence Center (MU AI Center). During the training, participants learned techniques for managing and cleaning data using the Pandas Data Science Library, which is a popular library for data science. They also learned to work with Series and Data Frame, which are the primary data structures used for data analysis, and learned how to use various functions such as group by, merge, and pivot tables to efficiently manage data.