ICT Mahidol granted to its B.Sc. in ICT (international program) students “the 1st Financial Hardship Scholarships during COVID-19 Outbreak, Academic Year 2020”

On 23 March 2021 – Dr. Pawitra Liamruk, Deputy Dean for Academic Administration and Acting Deputy Dean for Organizational Communication and Engagement of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT Mahidol), granted “the 1st Financial Hardship Scholarships during the COVID-19 Outbreak Academic Year 2020”, to 11 students under its international program, Bachelor of Science in ICT at ICT Building, Salaya campus. The scholarships were 10,000 baht per student or 110,000 bath in total.

The objective of this scholarship was to help ease the financial burdens of the students and their families during the COVID-19 outbreak. The total scholarships amount of academic year 2021 is worth 500,000 baht.