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MUICT Alumni Association organized “MUICT Alumni Badminton & Football 2022”

On 18 December 2022 – MUICT Alumni Association, led by Mr. Akkasit Trungkanon, the President, organized “MUICT Alumni Badminton & Football 2022”. On this occasion, Dr. Pattanasak Mongkolwat, Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), greeted all alumni and participants, as well as draw lucky prizes for them at the Figure & Playground, Tang-Sin Alley, Salaya.

The “MUICT Alumni Badminton & Football 2022” is held annually by the MUICT Alumni Association, with the aim to foster engagement and positive relationships between instructors, staff, current students and alumni. This year, around 100 participants attended the activity.

The competition results were as follows:

  • Badminton, Professional Category: 
    • 1st prize: Mr. Chaosap Pongthawichai, and Mr. Jirapad Jarukunparnid, 1st year B.Sc. in Digital Science and Technology (DST Thai Program) students
    • 2nd prize: Mr. Ruksat Soladda, and Mr. Ekaphat Seamthong, ICT Alumni, Batch 16
    • 3rd prize: Mr. Chavalit Savittrakul, and Mr. Thanawath Huayhongthong, 3rd year students of B.Sc. in Information and Communication Technology (ICT International Program)
  • Badminton, Amateur Category:
    • 1st prize: Mr. Siraphob Rhompo, ICT Alumnus #Batch 4, and
      Miss Apichaya Wisitphornanan, ICT Alumna #Batch 6
    • 2nd prize: Miss Napatsakorn Pisalayon, and Mr. Noppakit Rojanasit, ICT Alumni #Batch 11
    • 3rd prizes:
      • Dr. Pawitra Liamruk, and Mr. Karn Liamruk, ICT Mahidol Staff
      • Mr. Theeradath Baugate, and Mr. Pakpoom Pattanasirimarkorn, ICT Mahidol Staff
    • Football

This year, 6 teams attended the competition: CS Alumni Batch 16 and ICT Alumni Batch 1-3, ICT Alumni Batch 5 and 8, ICT Alumni Batch 6, ICT Alumni Batch 11-13, ICT Alumni Batch 14, and ICT Current Students Batch 20. The competition results were as follows: 

      • 1st prize: ICT Alumni #Batch 5 and 8
      • 2nd prize: ICT Alumni #Batch 14
      • 3rd prize: CS Alumni #Batch 16, and ICT Alumni #Batch 1 – 3