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ICT Mahidol organized the “Play-Learn-Grow-Together” for the new students in academic year 2023

During July 4 – 5, 2023 – the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University (ICT Mahidol), organized the “Play-Learn-Grow-Together” event for new students of B.Sc. in Information and Communication Technology (ICT International Program) and B.Sc. in Digital Science and Technology (DST Thai Program) in the academic year 2023.

The event on July 4, 2023, was honored to have Mr. Nares Sawika, Miss Prapapron Anumapaisan, Miss Thitiporn Sawetsrithawal, and Mr. Sakol Satitpong from the Center for Intellectual Development, Mahidol University, as speakers in various activities, including self-awareness building, promoting diverse perspectives, adapting to new friends, and integrating into the new student community to find happiness in daily life, at the Grand Auditorium, Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University, Salaya.

The “Play-Learn-Grow-Together” event was held off-campus in the Taka Community, Samut Songkhram Province on July 5, 2023. On this occasion, Dr. Thanapon Noraset, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, and Dr. Jidapa Kraisangka, Assistant Dean for Academic and Curriculum Development, delivered the opening speech to all students. This event aimed to introduce new students to each other and engage them in community activities, such as boat tours, demonstrating coconut sugar processing, making local desserts, and team-building activities. These activities allowed the students to immerse themselves in the local community and foster good relationships among the new students.

The “Play-Learn-Grow-Together” event is an annual activity organized by the Faculty of ICT for new students. The goals were to improve students’ academic foundation, as well as to encourage them to develop themselves, improve their behavior, and understand themselves and others better through the learning process of the cognitive education. It also aimed to enhance self-awareness and promote better understanding of oneself and others.