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2022 Internship Programs Abroad (Round 1)


University/ InstituteNAISTUniversity of Bremen
Type of InternshipOnline/On-siteOnsite
Research Area Software EngineeringSensor Networks, VR, Digital Media, AI, Software Engineering
Internship Period12 weeks (June-August 2022)12 weeks (mid May – early Aug)
Eligibility1. 2nd or 3rd year students
2. CGPA >= 3.25
3. SE or CS Track
4. Strong programming skills
5. Intends to work for senior project in software engineering area
6. Good English writing and speaking skills
7. Strong commitment on continuing his/her research to achieve a substantial output (e.g., a publication) after finishing the internship.
1. 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year students; Master and PhD students
2. CGPA >= 3.0
3. Strong programming skills
4. Preference given to students who will link senior project to internship and students who want to publish the work from the internship
5. Good English writing and speaking skills
6. Must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine accepted in Europe
Number of acceptances120
Living expenses
Accommodation providedYesNo
ScholarshipYesYes, on a competitive basis
Contact personAj. Thanwadee (thanwadee.sun@mahidol.edu)
Aj. Morakot (morakot.cho@mahidol.edu)
Aj. Chaiyong (chaiyong.rag@mahidol.edu)
Prof. Dr. Peter Haddawy (peter.had@mahidol.ac.th)
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Important Dates
Application Deadline

15 Feb 2022 (ICT side)

22 Feb 2022 (NAIST side)

18 Feb 2022
Interview Date16 – 19 Feb 2022Feb 2022
Announcement DateTo be advisedTo be advised

How to apply

Applicants are required to submit relevant documents in pdf. files:

1) A complete application form (File name example: Thanaporn.Pengsorn-Application.pdf)

Application form for NAIST

Application form for U. of Bremen

2) A copy of grade report (File name example: Thanaporn.Pengsorn-Grade.pdf)

3) CV (File name example: Thanaporn.Pengsorn-CV.pdf)

The application package should be uploaded via Microsoft Form: https://bit.ly/AppInternAb2022


  • A student can apply for only ONE internship program.
  • The 2nd round may be open depending on the availability of each program.
  • If you are not awarded any scholarships, you can apply for the ‘Mahidol University Scholarships for Student Mobility Program 2022’.

>> Further information: https://op.mahidol.ac.th/ir/scholarship-for-undergrad/

Please submit the MU scholarship application to P’ Thanaporn (Opor): Thanaporn.pen@mahidol.edu.